Crysis 2: Lower System Req, Better Graphics

During his keynote speech at the India Game Developer Summit 2010 last month, Carl Jones, director of global business development at Crytek, said that Crysis 2 will have lower system requirements and better graphics than the original Crysis PC game.

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Microsoft Xbox 3605220d ago

That's more like it. Sounds like their code is getting more efficient.

EvilBlackCat5219d ago


Crysis FTW!

PC day one for me just like DOOM4

dabri55219d ago

Or their environments are getting a lot smaller with less interaction and less things going on at once. You know, so they can have it on consoles without any issues.

dirthurts5219d ago

They did mention in an interview that the buildings where used to reduce the draw distance, taking a lot of strain off the consoles GPU.
I'm sure the game will still look great on PC. Hopefully with full DX11 support.

tinajacobs12225220d ago

I wonder if my PC will actually be able to run it.

Raf1k15219d ago

Try the Crysis demo. If it's playable on your PC then Crysis 2 will play a little better than that.

IaMs125219d ago

i must say tho the Crysis Demo ran like crap on my PC, but the actual game runs sooo much better. Course i do not have a good PC, everything is on low with Dx9 but it runs at like 25-30 FPS, demo wasnt even close to that.


Sounds like a port to me. Just look at the signs. I bought both of their games and I don't think this one will be more optimized than the other. It's going to be a port, just read between the lines, so get ready for it. How are they going to optimized three games for three systems? And the hardest one being the pc version, on their time and budget. I liked both of their games, but this one will be a port ONLY BECAUSE they are making 1. console versions. 2. MOSTLY TO ALL COMPANY port every game from console to PC now. 3. EA is still running the show. I don't think THEY, have that pull like STARCRAFT, or Blizzard. So I think it's going to be a port.

darkequitus5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

Have you actually gone to their website or read the countless amounts of coverage on the dev system? Dev is performed on a PC and in real-time propagates to the 360 and PS3 dev kits. So tell me, how is this a port?


On topic: If if looks better and runs better than warhead, I will not need to upgrade my GPU, as I am stuck at 1080p anyway.

Pandamobile5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

You honestly think Crysis 2 will be a console to PC port? Are you on crack or something?

All three versions of the game are created simultaneously by using CryEngine 3 Sandbox. They make the levels and stuff on the Sandbox Editor on PC, and can instantly jump into the same level running on on a PS3 or 360 devkit.

FYI, EA is NOT running the show. Crytek is an independant studio, like Valve. EA is just the publisher. EA's not going to dictate the actual development terms of Crysis 2 besides handing Crytek money and deadlines.

FantasyStar5219d ago

I don't think that's what Black means, Panda. What he's talking about is the limiting factor. Yeah, all 3 platforms will be created equal. But we all know the PCs are far more powerful so the problem will be that PC Version will be a lesser game because the game has to work on all 3 platforms. That's what I think he's trying to imply anyways.


Crysis 2 is not gonna be ported for any system.

Crytek said is gonna be PROGRAMMED for each system. For the 1st time a multiplatform will be programmed using the full performance on PS3 and not half performance from Xbox 360 with a port.

Each system, a programmed game.

ATi_Elite5219d ago

I don't know why people have such high hopes for Crysis 2. It is nothing more than a console port. Some people need to stop kidding themselves and listen and learn.

Cryengine 3 was designed to run on consoles...... wait stop right there. That seals the deal right there...console port.

The Cryengine 2 that made Crysis PC so great can not run on consoles at all.

Crysis PC was great because Crytek said the hell with mid level PC's and pushed for a higher level of grpahics in 2007.

in 2010 they are trying to get as much money as they can by releasing a 360 port to PS3 and PC. Just use your brain if a game can play on PS3 and PC and look the same then it is a 360 port

wake up!! I don't see God Of War 3 being able to run on the 360 at all

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BannedForNineYears5220d ago

That....That is awesome.
It's like, you're not gonna have to upgrade your hardware...That's awesome.

iamgoatman5219d ago

Considering I can play Crysis on high settings with a 3 year old GPU, and I'll likely be upgrading to a 5850 later this year, well I'm already salivating!

nevimkdojsem25219d ago

If 640x480 were your preferred screen resolution I might believe you... I had nvidia 8800gt 3 years ago (hi-end card then) and achieved like 2-3 fps in the "Paradise Lost" level on high settings (AA turned off completely) in 1920x1200.

iamgoatman5219d ago

Funny enough I'm using a 8800GT as well, and get around 30-40FPS on "Paradise Lost" @1650x1050 with no AA. 1920x1200 would hurt the performance a bit, but not by that much.

If you had a framerate that low then something must have been wrong, or your PC had one hell of a bottleneck. What processor were you using? A weak CPU can bring down the performance of any half decent card, especially in a game like Crysis which contains some heavy physics calculations. Also driver updates can give significant boosts to performance, but I've never heard of a gain like that, even oven 3 years of driver progression.

TABSF5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

@ nevimkdojsem2

I would go to Crymod.com and get tweaks to run it smoother.

Also it depends on the 8800GT

If its a 256MB GT its will perform worse than 512MB or 1024MB because it will be using the slower system memory (DDR2 or <) to store texture and animations, the video memory is just as important is performance

nevimkdojsem25219d ago

is perfectly consistent with dozens of benchmarks you can find on the internet.

http://tinyurl.com/y8davxk (Paradise Lost, 1920x1200, 4xAA, very high):

8800 Ultra - 6fps avg
gtx 280 - 8fps avg
gtx 260 - 9fps avg wow :-D

Not that I mind - I've got GTX 295 in February last year (and don't care much for Crysis as it is has a boring gameplay, bad script and a B-story) but I'm amused whenever a PC gamer with average PC claims he can play Crysis on max.

iamgoatman5218d ago


Well that's not what you originally said.

"level on high settings (AA turned off completely) in 1920x1200."

Not very high with 4xAA, that's one hell of a difference right there!

I don't doubt 6FPS average, even modern day cards are brought to there knees with those settings. Next time be a little more consistent with your claims, as I know for well what my PC is capable of, I often use Crysis for benchmarking.

Just get you facts right next time before you call someone a liar.

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