Army of Two Preview

Army of Two will take cooperative gameplay to a new level by letting players control a pair of mercenaries sent on secret missions. The players take on a role, while another player or the artificial intelligence controls the partner. Bark commands at partners using a headset, and depending on their situation, the computer-controlled compadres may or may not obey. The game requires lots of cooperation, including minigames where the duo must work in tandem. But let's not forget about the guns, all of which sport a slew of different upgrades and enhancements. Blasting onto the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems this fall, players will soon see what an army of two can do...

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Vip3r4129d ago

This game looks pretty good. Might get it when I have some more money. :(

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4129d ago

Los Angeles a few years back, the two guys in full body armor & fully automatic AKs. Weird! Wonder if EA got the idea for this game from that?
Graphics look insane.

THX71684129d ago

I think Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is more similar to that bank robbery than Army of Two is. I think they actually rob a bank in Dead Men. Then again in Dead Men they don't wear full body armor like in Army of Two.

Come to think of it...Dead Men is more like the movie Heat.

There you go.
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men=Heat
Army of Two=L.A. bank robbery

HeartlesskizZ4129d ago

I cant get enuff of this game, I want this so bad so i can team up with my boyfriend or my friends.

ElementX4129d ago

Army of two sounds like two gay men going into the recruiting center.

Before you get offended, i'm gay so it's ok if i say that ;)

Daxx4129d ago

I f*cking hate this site. I'm deleting my profile and never coming to this battle zone for flamers ever again. I remember when I used to go to but now that is gone because it merged with this N4G. It should be renamed Sales Stats 4 Gamers or Flamers 4 Gamers because this is all it has come to now. Every PS3 owner and 360 owner battling over a retarded subject like video games. This is not Politics people! Videos games are a form of entertainment. Goodbye flamers and good riddance to this f*cking site.

004129d ago

who are you talking to? and what do's this have to do with the topic.

moving on this games looks very fun .

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