BFBC2 Issues Update

BFBC2 has had MP problems since day one but issues affecting all platforms are being worked on. PC game servers are running better but not perfect with connection and Punkbuster problems. PS3 problems seem limited to EA Online connections but Xbox 360 issues go deeper and require some server adjustments that are unfortunately taking longer than initially indicated by DICE.

According to DICE, BFBC2 is 400% more popular than any Battlefield game before it.

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Hellsvacancy4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

It sucks man, my VIP code dont work, well, it did at 1st, but then every time i try playin online it keeps askin 4 the code again, i also cant get on the store, so i think im missin out on sum maps, hav i gotta download them from them Store? (not that i can get on the damn thing)

Doesnt really matter all that much, i got the God Of War Collection the other day (import) so im happily playin that for the VERY 1st time, then i hav 2 wait a week and abit for God Of War 3, none of this waitin for so many years to play the 3rd (i SOO rule)


King_of _the_Casuals4717d ago

Yea, I got the game at GameStop just for the downloadable gun. Problem is that I can't download the DAMN thing because I can't get on the EA server! FML!!!

Raoh4717d ago

same here.. there is an experation date on the code too

cyborg69714716d ago

Yeah the experation is march of 2011. So if it isn't fixed by then hopefully you've forgotten about it.

BeaArthur4717d ago

Hopefully they will get it worked out soon. Personally I'll be investing some time in FF13 over the next few days so it isn't a huge deal for me but I will go back to it sometime this week. As long as all of my unlocks remain unchanged then I'll be fine.

divideby04716d ago

I didnt buy it last week...and this week the game is 20 bucks cheaper for the LE...they have to extend the code dates

jalen2474716d ago

I am too busy playing Heavy Rain to care right now...

And then I will complete the single player before I hop into multiplayer...

That should give them enough time to fix the kinks...

Overmars4716d ago

EA really need to get their act together. Otherwise, they're gonna lose more than just a few of their new players. And it's not gonna do their rep one bit of good.

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