Metroid: Other M - Leaked Opening Cinematics

Using a hidden camera at the latest Nintendo event, someone was able to film the opening cinematics of their latest Metroid game.


GT Admin took it down due to Nintendo complaint.

So here's another place you can find the vid:

As well as the one below...

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Raimond4136d ago

pretty awesome to hear her actually speak, eh? (though I think she had a few lines in Smash Bros.)

qface644136d ago

wow just wow i know i can't believe some so called journalist actually snuck a camera in when they said NO CAMERAS

professional gaming journalism alright

FreeMonk4136d ago

It's a shame that the actual game will not look that good.

All of that intro was CGI, and although the game will most definatly play really well, it's a shame that the graphical engine won't match that CGI intro, due to the lack of Wii processing power.

I'm looking forward to it though.

Smacktard4136d ago

...You know that the CGI cutscenes in every game are of better viisual quality than the actual gameplay, right?

FreeMonk4136d ago

Yep, I know that, but a majority of games on the PS3 and Xbox (Gears of War, God of War, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 13, Metal Gear 4), have cut scenes that match the graphically quality of actual game, something that the Wii can't imitate with what Metroid M is showing in that CGI intro.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not cussing the game or the Wii, I own and love all 3 consoles (X360, PS3 & Wii), but I rather have a game show me actual ingame footage for the cutscenes than CGI that doesn't match the ingame graphics.

ChickeyCantor4136d ago

" have cut scenes that match the graphically quality of actual game"

Yeah, is called an INGAME-cutscene.

Brazil4135d ago

I'm a huge Metroid fan but I'm skeptical about Other M. Team Ninja has never made a game I've enjoyed, but the previews seem promising. We shall see.

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batman2million4136d ago

that was awesome. Looking forward to this!

xXdragonspawnXx4136d ago

So Samus was explaining the events of Super Metroid? It just looked awesome all in 3D Rendering

qface644136d ago

to be honest it felt like i was watching a movie someone bootleg

miles-prower4136d ago

I want Metroid Other M now!

RedPawn4136d ago

Absolutely amazing cinematics, great voice work, will be checking more on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.