Super Mario Galaxy 2 box-art is depressingly happy

VG247: Nintendo's released Super Mario Galaxy 2 box-art. Don't look if you're having a tough day.

omimasum5254d ago

but it looks like mario is riding yoshi in a sexual way

The Meerkat5254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )


U R Mr Gay

sonnyz5254d ago

Blue Yoshi is blowing toad...

Solidus187-SCMilk5254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )

Yoshi is magical.

MasterChief36245254d ago

Well, it's not confirmed, at least. IGN posted it saying "This could potentially be the box art for the game", but nothing is official at the moment. I mean, yes it's 99% probably going to be the box art (after the Wii logo, ESRB rating, and Nintendo Seal are stamped on it, of course), but until then, I think the title should not be so misleading.

The source they link to even has "Possible" in the title. Why not this place? D:

kesvalk5254d ago

right, because they need to make a mario bleeding while going toe to toe with a piranha plant in hell...

this is why i hate this type of hardcore gamer...

eagle215254d ago

it looks good....stands out to sell a gazillion copies. :)

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Barlos126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

My top 3 are Mario 3, Mario World and Mario 64. Mario Odyssey is also excellent, and I enjoyed Sunshine but didn't care for the Galaxy series.

Knightofelemia1222d ago

I know it's not a Wii title but it can be played on the Wii I want the Metroid Prime games on the Switch I have never played them.

darthv721221d ago

I wouldnt mind seeing a conduit compilation on the switch.

Yi-Long1221d ago

Would like to see MadWorld getting a proper new release.


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Nyxus1268d ago

Pandora's Tower and The Last Story.

northpaws1268d ago

Switch needs less ports and more original games.

DefaultComment1268d ago

what it needs is not your opinion that's for sure.