Starcraft II Terran Tactical Nuke Offensive Better Than Ever

It's fun to explore and analyse each Terran unit, and building tech tree; but more thrilling to find out new changes to the tech tree, and figure out strategies with the newer units and their abilities/upgrades.

In old-school Starcraft: Brood War, you needed to build a Command Center, and a Silo add-on, plus a bunch of other buildings to build a Nuke. Its cost in minerals, vespene gas, supply depots and time length was more than it was worth if you lived long enough to even attempt that strategy route. A two-word sentence can make dreaming of nuking your opponent nigh impossible: Zerg Rush.

With StarCraft II, all those "gosu" Terran players are up for some awesome Nuke galore experience if you manage to build your initial defense/offense to go with the Nuke Strategy.

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theCHUNK3161d ago

Nuclear Launch Detected!

Cogo3161d ago

And now it's an actual threat.

Holyknight30003161d ago

that just puts a monster grin on my face. I remember one game in classic i had enough command centers with nukes. and enough ghosts.....yeah 5+ nukes going off wiping a base out and a couple ghosts in the process hehe good times.

ThanatosDMC3161d ago

I hate nukes. Hopefully we can have the options to put our units to patrol waypoints.

"Nuclear Launch Detected" <- also from Supreme Commander.

Leord3161d ago

Man, that's easy peasy!

I'd never nuke in the past, but this is really cool!

Medievaldragon3161d ago

If a noob can get a nuke ready in 5:30 minutes, a pro-gramer can probably shorten that time quick. really cool to see nukes out that early. that can prompt zerg/protoss to rush before that happens

Cogo3161d ago

An early rush would still be a danger, but at least it's a viable strategy in the game!

Leord3161d ago

Let's ask that Deep.Thought fella who made the battle report to use it in a game...

King Klear3161d ago

So far I only used nukes once to humiliate an opponent. I must say I've been tempted to build like 5 ghost academies since...

Cogo3161d ago

Humiliation by Nuke ;)

Holyknight30003161d ago

hehe i did that once to someone once. granted the game lasted a while and it was with a friend but still. multiple nukes coming outta nowhere. lol

Ganondorf3161d ago

Wow nice a Nuke thats cool :D i luv nukes in Command and Conquer :P

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The story is too old to be commented.