StarCraft II Vets Found New Studio, Blizzard Reportedly No Longer Interested in RTS Games

Waiting impatiently for the next StarCraft or Warcraft? Well, you’re unlikely to get them from Blizzard, but not all is lost!

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phoenixwing404d ago

Make a warcraft rts clone and I'll buy it.

karlmarblazehorn403d ago

Wonder which people would want though, the 2D ones or 3D like warcraft 3.

phoenixwing403d ago

I'm not picky either one is up to them

Gaming4Life1981403d ago

Warcraft 2 was my favorite warcraft and im probably in the minority but i love that game.

Ristul403d ago

Cant wait to see what they make, Blizzard had its peak a long time ago imo.

403d ago
RedDevils403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Kinda sad not many big publishers interest in RTS like good early 2000s. Only MS is doing Age of Empires, while games like C&C or empire earth seem to be forgotten.

Vegamyster403d ago

C&C just had a remaster of the first two games and apparently it sold very good, I’d expect either more remasters and potentially a new game.

403d ago
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