GameSpy: MAG Postmortem Interview

In reality MAG is a game that provides a variety of experiences. At its best it delivers the thrill of huge battles, complete with great leaders who actually turn the tide of the fight. And at its worst it falls apart, with command structures becoming all but nonexistent as players treat it like a gigantic deathmatch.

But the thing that GameSpy wanted to find out when they recently interviewed Zipper Designer Ben Jones was why Zipper wanted to try something like MAG (as opposed to the smaller SOCOM games it made a name for itself with), and whether or not the team felt that it had fulfilled its original vision for MAG.

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-Alpha3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I would like to see that, actually. Like SP games, MP games tend to require more time and I hardly see reviewers go in-depth with it. All reviews do is mention features and gloss over it. "MW2 is coolz. It has lots of killstreaks. You can customize them. This means MW2 is deep".

That is how I find MP reviews most of the time.

A few extra hours and people would have given the MP would the boot. Anyways, I suppose that was off topic but the title of this article had me thinking.

On topic: this is a good interview.