Crysis 2: "We Didn't Compromise Anything With [PS3] Version" Says Crytek

GT: Crysis 2 is about to make its debut on consoles. The original game holds the position as the best looking on any platform, and we're yet to see a title that comes close to what Crytek has been able to accomplish. This, the second installment in the franchise uses Crytek's latest engine: Crytek 3 game engine.

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games4thewin4736d ago

But I hope you guys showed the same kinda love to the 350 version.

That's the one I plan on buying.

snaz274736d ago

so all they need to do is adjust the settings of the pc version, to a level that the 360 can handle, surely? isnt that logical?.. the ps3 however is completely different, and it seems the guys at crytech are very impressed with it.. i only hope they mean what they say, and you know what i do believe them, cos looking at crysis its clear they want thier game to be the best it can! could this be the first real multiplat to judge console power by? hmmmm

snaz274736d ago

why? its only the case when it comes to 360 and ps3 too, i mean they make the pc the best it can be, and they dont dumb down the ps3/360 to be equal to the wii.. so wtf is going on? it doesnt make sense! its have the reason i buy very few multiplats, say what u want but ps3 is more powerful, look at k2, u2, mgs4, gt5, heavy rain etc, the proof is in the puddin! so my point is why dont multi devs use the extra power? lazy? paid off? i wonder.

Noctis Aftermath4736d ago

I find it hard to believe a multiplatform developer would put in the extra effort to make the PS3 version as good as possible, if true( which is extremely unlikely) this will be a first and i will support it to the fullest by buying the game day 1.

snaz274736d ago

i bet they wanna compete with k2, u2 etc, (on consoles).. now if they cant do that with the 360, they would have to use the ps3.. and from what they have been saying they like the cell, and they are saying they are impressed! time will tell, and if they are lying they will soon be found out when the game drops.

mastiffchild4736d ago

I believe parity between PS3 and 360 versions of multiplat games is paramaount to develpers for one reason-the userbases both being pretty big but more importantly prety similar in size. Everyone accepts the Wii isn't as powerful and accepts that PXC can handle much mrore than even the HD consoles but people woulsd get all hissy should a multiplat come out which REALLY shone on one of the two consoles in question.

A dev doing this risks alienating half their HD console market and they make a lot of money from both PS3 and 360. For arguments sake say Crysis2 looks a great deal better on the PS3: do you imagine that would be good for all round sales esp considering shopoters doing so well on the 360? IF there's a decent difference between the power of each console would it be wise for a multiplatform developer to show it with one of their games? Certaionly, I feare it would huryt them in the pocket even if it was possible-and I have little idea about whether it is or not as even exclusives can't tell u s everything when you think how much more time and help Sopny are able to offer and share among their studios compared to MS lesser resources.

Last gen the Xbox was little threat to the PS2 n sales terms so it was possible for devs to stretch their legs and allow trhe Xbox versions to, occasionally, shine more than they did on PS2 but not this gen and I can't see Crytek being any sdifferent no matter how much pride they take in being "gfx kings". Frankly, I don't think we'll see any great difference between the versiopns of Crysis2 when it lands. It's just shooting themselves in the wallet even if they can manage to do it and I feel the reason they talk up their PS3 version is to allay fears over them working on the platform for the first time rather than any real intent of trying top make it as good as it could possibly be at the risk of it eclipsing the 360 version.

Same the other way round, naturally, and I can't see them alloqwing the 360 version to be any great deal better than the PS3 even if the dev tools are way more familiar to them on MS console. I'm not saying it won't be the best looking multi we're going to see but I just doubt that they'd push it to the point where one version hammers the other. It's pure economics keeping parity top of devs HD console priority lists.

JonnyBadfinger4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

i think for a change it would be good for all multiplats if the dev decided to make the lead development console the PS3 for a change... they all use the 360 because it is by far more simpilar to program, then do a half arse port over for the PS3. And it just also might shut up PS3 fanboys saying that the devs are ripping them off with cheap ports.

I believe anything the 360 can do the PS3 can do the same and vice versa.

and i believe its impossible to compare exclusives graphically because exclusives have no equals... thats why multiplats are better for comparisons. at the moment im waiting for BF:BC2 as a new graphics comparison... cause the game for a multiplat just looks amazing.

but since Crysis2 aint due until 2011, i cant see why any version of the game would be half arsed.

vhero4736d ago

I'm surprised they are choosing the PS3 as the lead console for an FPS considering the 360 is THE console for shooters and will probably sell more on 360 for that reason.. Still we will see how good this looks no doubt at E3 and maybe a couple of surprises.

morganfell4736d ago

Although a dedicated platform the 360 is nonetheless by today's PC standards underpowered. The PS3 differs in the fact that developers are gaining a better comprehension of how to maximize the parallel processing offered by the PS3s SPUs.

In graphical terms that matters greatly as only an idiot would examine or compare a console GPU without consideration of the processor to which it is mated. You cannot rate a console GPU in a vacuum.

Also it must be understood that the design of the Cell has it's roots in GPU architecture. This is one of the reasons the Cell runs Folding at Home with such speed. Folding at Home evolved from a graphics program.

If it requires number crunching (Vertex lighting is an example) the Cell blazes along. This allows the developers to dump such processes off onto the Cell and it is able to assist the GPU in the rendering pipeline. I posted the Eurogamer link yesterday as regards the new anti-aliasing implemented by EA by pushing this post process onto a SPU. Once this makes it to the rest of the EA teams and into the PS3 dev kit as well then we should see another improvement in PS3 graphics.

Blaster_Master4736d ago

Okay so what they are saying is that Crysis 2 on the ps3 is gonna look better then killzone 2? And the 360 version is gonna look as good if not better then gears 2? I hope they can back up all of their loose talk.

makingdamage4736d ago

At 1.5:

I agree with you, the most important thing for a multiplat developer today is to make as much money as possible which of course is not necessary the same thing as making the best possible game. The way I see it, the gamers are the losers and the developers are the winners. For a gamer its more logical to want the best possible game, NOT trying to make the game look and play equal on all formats, but for the developer its obviously more logical to make a game that sell as much as possible. And as you say, developer obviously thinks that making as much money as possible is the same thing as making the game equal on all platforms.

Call me pessimistic but I feel as the pride of trying to make the best possible game has been replaced with a perspective of trying to make as much money as possible. Everything was better in the good old days :P

Blaze9294736d ago

"The magazine was shown the Xbox 360 version of the game and it looked good; among the best looking games available on any system, they in fact say."


Immortal3214736d ago

the game have to be alive. A constant flow of action. none of this empty feeling.

a war game should be, sound, act, feel like a war game but, sense we're not human in this game, bet there will be some fun factor in this game.(gimmick)

Hanif-8764736d ago

Thats why i only buy exclusives with the exception of Fifa games and the new Battlefield Bad Company 2 :-)

Sez 4736d ago

I can't speak for anyone else. but I'm concern more for the PC version the one i'm getting.

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Saaking4736d ago

If done right, Crysis 2 will prove that multiplats could be miles better today if it weren't for the 360. The 360 has really held this generation from advancing.

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Mike134nl4736d ago

The game is developed simultaneously for all three platforms. That 's what is one of the selling points from the cryengine. Any changes made in a level using the engine will automatically convert and export the changes to supported platforms (xbox 360, ps3 and pc).

Looking at previous video from the engine the graphics for the consoles will be close too each other.

GiantEnemyCrab4736d ago

Saaking: I guess that's why I'm playing the best RPG this gen on the 360 right now.. Yeah, it's really holding things up! Or, how about Crackdown 2 having Open World 4 player Co-Op.. Yeah, holding things up as well..

You stealth trash the 360 any chance you get.

Sarcasm4736d ago

"I guess that's why I'm playing the best RPG this gen on the 360 right now.. "

Demon's Souls isn't on the 360!

I know I know, you mean Mass Effect 2 even though that game is more 3rd person shooter than RPG.

CWMR4735d ago

-Demon's Souls and Mass Effect 2 are both action role playing games. Demon's Souls could be said to be an action game with "RPG mechanics" if you want to be pedantic, but let's get real here we already have a term for that, it's called an action RPG.

Anyway, Saaking is a troll. There is nothing I have seen on either console that I didn't think could be done at roughly the same quality on the other console. With games like Alan Wake and Halo Reach it is absolutely absurd to say that the 360 is holding games back. It's even more absurd when you consider that most multi-platform games perform better on the 360. Make excuses all you want, but there is a reason for that. The reason is that the two consoles are basically equal in power, but it's much easier to get at that power on the 360.

Developers aren't trying to make games exactly equal on both platforms, they are trying to make their games the best they can be on each platform. The PS3 being much more difficult to get good performance out of it simply ends up being that many times the PS3 version doesn't manage to get to the same level as the 360 version.-

Lemmiwinks4735d ago

If a multi platform developer thought of a game to make like the name genres, main character and what not just minor details nothing to specific or in depth( think of it as a essay topic), then the make two teams 1. Ps3 then the other 360. put them in separate locations. then give each of the teams the above criteria, and let them know that they can make any game they want, all they have to do is include that criteria so its fair, give them a time limit....then if they both released theyre versions and the 360 version was the same quality or better....i would believe that statement.....also they wouldnt be able to communicate with eachother, or know what the other is making. so basically im talking about a government game developing exam. thats just like a metaphor so you understand better what i'm saying....Summary: same dev just divided into two teams(ps3,360)who are qualified developers, same criteria, same time limit, no communication with each other, 100% creativity rights, excluding the criteria of course. no game videos or screenshots till both games turn gold...... im not saying who would win or if it'd be a tie, but im going to say doing this would be as fair and unbiased as it is ever going to get.i would like to actually see this happen it would shut the fan-boys up on both sides....and it would end this bickering i hope. personally i think the 360 is holding the ps3 back when it comes to multi plats but theres not really enough substantial and unbiased evidence to prove that, i want some evidence to prove not a fan- boy on either side if a dev did what i above explained and the 360 was the same quality i would end my theory's...the above idea is really the only way to prove whether the 360 is holding the ps3 back or not, devs are human and humans lie so i want some evidence.....all this arguments really wouldnt be happening if console gamers treated consoles like pc gamers treat pc machines.....newer tech is better than older tech. ex quad core is better than duo core, i7 is better then quad core before it. i dont really know how better the ps3 in a technical stand point is but i do know from a tech stand point it is, personal preference aside.......but reqlly who cares you 360 owners should thank sony cuz sony is pushing the bar now microsoft is getting away from sub halo reach and alan wake, splintercell look awesome, and its partly because the pressure sony has put on microsoft with its exclusives and the sony fans graphic expectations are rubbing off on ms fans, more console gamers are expecting uncharted 2 graphics now, and ms is trying to give it to them.....sonys exclusives are the reason for less games that look like mw 2 and halo odst and halo gears 3 is gunna look awesome.....when you realize the difference between halo 3 or even odst and halo reach you will realize that was made possible because of the competition of sony and the raising of expectations of gamers on both sides.

****I say 2010 isnt year of the ps3 or year of the 360 i say 2010 is the year gamers get true hd games that earn respect off quality and improvement and not just off hype and fan boys.....we all win,

BattleAxe4735d ago

I'm glad the PS3 version didn't get dragged down by the 360 version. Great news!!

nveenio4735d ago

Am I the only person on the planet that has seen footage of how CryEngine 3 works? The dev kit for this engine builds the game on all 3 platforms at once. The team can literally see each change they made carried over onto each platform in real time.

Lemmiwinks4735d ago

its a bad thing i think. cuz the ps3 is completely different from the 360 and pc..In there case if the cry engine 3 does work like you said then i assume the ps3 is holding the pc and 360 version back. cause it really needs to be developed for on its own...If the cry engine 3 does do what your saying i dont understand how they could be utilizing the ps3 cuz we all know its architecture is different then pc, 360....I dunno if i like that idea of that engine.....but none the less im sure crysis 2 we look awesome on both consoles....crytek has too much pride by now to not make a top notch game they have a rep to make highly graphical games, and im sure they wouldnt want to ruin it by making a crappy ps3 version and so fourth....crysis 2 on consoles is gunna push boundaries for sure...

Lemmiwinks4735d ago

epecially on 2 comments that were mostly neutral, and were not at all one sided. whats the point of tryiong really hard to get bubbles and agrees on this site people on this site are a$$ wholes. i just dont get why so many people disagree with logic....

morganfell4735d ago

Yes you can see the changes when ported to the dev kit but no they do not look the same.

nveenio4735d ago

It's impossible for anything to ever look EXACTLY the same on such completely different hardware. My point was that the devs can EASILY get things looking as close to the same as possible when each change shows up live. Tweaking would be a breeze.

Secondly, I think the only thing holding the 360 back is its developers. The PS3 used to be the same way. Now (with Halo Reach), it appears that Microsoft are starting to pick up on the idea that people want more out of their console now that it's been out for over 4 years.

And finally, Crytek are the single most amazing engine developers on the planet. If anyone can get Crysis 2 looking good across all platforms using a single engine, it's Crytek.

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movements4736d ago

@ snaz27, 360 is just like a PC is many ways. But surely, not one that could run Crysis, so don't you think Crysis 2 will be even a tougher challenge? Of course it will be.

Again, it's a wait and see situation.

snaz274736d ago

i mean thats my point, it doesnt matter what game it is, they can always turn things down or off, to get it to run on 360, with little effort surely? i mean if you have a basic pc that just about meets crysis requirements, you could run the game right? it wouldnt look great but it would run non the less, do you get me? ps3 needs to be coded differently, in order to use the spus, you see?

movements4736d ago

in all it's glory.

So simply "turning things down or off" wouldn't cut it. It must be made specifically for the 360 or be ported from PS3.

snaz274736d ago

i know you need a high end pc to run it, in all its glory! im not saying 360 could do that! but say you turn the framerate down, turn AA off or down, turn resolution down, the 360 could, are you saying it couldnt, at those settings? lol

BWS19824736d ago

the 360 is more or less 2005 PC tech, and when the first Crysis came out in 2007, it had STEEP *minimum* requirements, and so it's hard to say for sure, but the game would almost have to be rebuilt. I mean the original had a 12 GB install, it had a lot of assets.

If you knew how taxing the Crytek 2 engine is you'd probably understand when you actually look at the 360's specs on why they'd have to rebuild the game (which is what they're doing now with the sequel).

Letros4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

The levels load over 1 gig of memory, you would have to cut up the levels into different sectors and it would destroy what the game is about, large open sandbox environments. This is what Crysis 2 is more like, smaller scale, hopefully it remains fun, because I enjoyed Crysis a lot, despite what people(who have never played it) say.

This was the part of the game I knew Crysis wasn't d!icking around.

PotNoodle4736d ago

I had crysis warhead running the other day at over 1.1gb of video memory being used, that is excluding system RAM. That kind of puts it into perspective of to how much that game demanded hardware wise.

Letros4736d ago

I just got the urge and loaded up warhead, was fighting one of the bigger aliens flying above some trees, looking up at him into the sunlight God rays raining down on me, didn't know whether to stop and awe or keep shooting =)

terrandragon4736d ago

I thought Crysis 2 would be optimized a lot more for consoles, and the urban setting could mean less trees. I saw some pictures of the park, but that is just about the most trees I have seen in one place.

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movements4736d ago

But then even if it does at the settings you mentioned, it would render the game unplayable.

You can't simply just turn down stuff and expect the thing to run; it's more intricate than that.

snaz274736d ago

that makes the game unplayable? arent there games like that on 360 anyway? namely halo 3?.. and whos to say you would have to turn EVERYTHING down? my point is 360 can be optimised that may, it may need tweaking but nothing major! why do you think 360 is the lead platform so often? Its easy to dev for, as its just a low-mid range pc, isnt it.. Really im not sure of your point? You even said 360 is PC based.

movements4736d ago

Okay, here's the question then, don't you think it would be much better if the 360 version was done separately but at the same time as the PC and PS3 versions instead of a dumb down PC port?

snaz274736d ago

if its made like a pc and runs games like a pc, the question is what is the difference? apart from you cant upgrade a 360.. im saying with the 360 they just optimise it, then fix it at those settings, and thats it, maybe there is anti piracy specific to the 360 (not that it works lol) do you see what i mean now? i reckon 360 games are made on a pc! and 360 is a pc!

snaz274736d ago

when multi devs port to the ps3, they only use that power pc base and dont touch the spus, but thats a crap port, and it shows, look at the bad ports, hell even the good ports vs u2, k2 etc, that use all the spus, its night and day.. the ps3 is the one that needs the games built from the ground up, and although devs want ps3 owners money, they dont wanna spend any to get it, hense crap ports. these i dont buy.

movements4736d ago

Ok Snaz, I get your point, we both have one more bubble on this thread so let's make it good.

The Xbox 360 is basically a PC, I get that. But still, you simply can't just dumb down a PC version of Crysis and make it work on said system.

If that was the case, then how come they didn't do that with the original Crysis? They would have made more money right?

You might not know this but you needed a high-end PC to run that game...Still do.

There are certain things which must be altered drastically in order to make it work. We're not talking about just any game here. It's Crysis, the best looking title on any platform; nothing else even comes close.

So for you to say all they need to do is port over a dumb PC version to 360 but give PS3 version a separate treatment is not fair.

360 needs its own specialized treatment.

dirthurts4736d ago

They both need special treatment,as they run similar ram and video memory. A huge change from what the pc version used. That and they must be hugely optimized for the consoles (which is actually a good thing).

thesummerofgeorge4736d ago

He did say both needed special treatment. He was just pointing out that the 360 needed "special treatment" as well. Just sayin...

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chak_4736d ago

hmm I don't care about your console version, but you better not screw you PC crowd crystek with dumbed and/or cut version!!

I'm with you since your debut with far cry, and I intend to keep doing so.

Shaman4736d ago

Guys to all of you saying ps3 needs extra babying its false.They are developing game simultaneously and they use every bit of power from systems.Some of you say that it cant be that ps3 is pushed to limits if 360 version is same,well thats not true.They already confirmed they are extensively using spus,and that there is not much you can do.The thing is that both consoles are memory bottlenecked,something that i have been saying since the beginning of this gen.

Crytek simply cant put more textures to fit in ram then they are already doing.Crysis is not linear game so original crysis could never be on consoles,thats why Crysis 2 will be set in more linearish environment.To you who dont know,and you who have been a bit brainwashed with those ps3 is much more powerful so it should look better bull**** you need to know that gpu is the MAIN piece of hardware and this is why you will never see ps3 games leaving 360 in dust.Forget the spus,they cant help that much but even with them you dont make game simply look better,you can use one of them or two,but if game is heavy on physics you wont be able to use more then one.And that one can take some workload from rsx,for example check vertex shaders so rsx can freely draw them on screen,do some post processing but thats it.But you forgot that 360 has also 3 VMX 128 units,one on each core,they are specialized for helping xenos and can be used for graphics rendering,you also forgot memexport,feature that will be able to save you memory so you dont have to make to pass but rather one pass and that way save the memory.You guys also forgot that ps3 has only 256 Vram,while in 360 you can take as much as you want for gpu of that 512 pool.

Im sorry for you living in your dream world of supercomputer with gpu thats outdated to intel integrated laptop gpus,and less ram then 7 yr old computer,get a grip and be happy with games,your damage control wont help here so stop whining.

snaz274736d ago

u2 is well known as console graphics king! k2 was before it and still looks better than any 360 game! why does forza 3 have 8 cars on track, gt5 has 16! and they look better! and it will have weather! day night cycle, and real time damage! how? how does it do it if they are the same and the cell/spus cant help! please explain that!

fantasygamer4736d ago

Actually PS3's RSX has the availability to access the Cells 256 MB of XDR ram ^,..^

Shaman4736d ago

Oh man I knew i will get many disagrees here...yes 360 is year longer on market but that doesent change the fact that sony 1st party aka ND and GG get their sdk in 2005 and they worked since then on those games,it doesent change the fact that MS first party is laughable and that best looking game is on most used 3rd party engine,its also fact that AW,Metro 2033,Halo Reach and SC C look absolutely great and that only two games on ps3 are debatable batter then those,even though they are both linear and AW and HR are not...

Just one more question i have to ask you guys,what happens if Crysis 2 has better gfx then all console games,which i guarantee will happen,and what if 360 version of Crysis 2 looks better then ps3s?What will be when Rage comes out?You do know that Rage still cant run 60 fps on ps3 and that they called guys from Sony(Jon Olick from ND) to help them and they stil havent manged it.You do know that beyond3d is full of actual devs,and one of them I wont name him is from Ninja Theory(Heavy Rain) who said that they are about equal because 360 will alwas have advantage in gpu but when you count in spu things get even but you still can do some more effects,but then there are he says VMX units in 360 that lets you do same thing.They are now developing game multiplat,and it looks great.The fact still remains,Sony with all those 1st party studios,with huge amount of money and tech pumped in those titles remains with only 2 marginally better looking games(now with new 360 games like up there its not even better,its debatable) then its 3 times less powerful(as they said)main competitor.When almost all multiplats look better on 360...i would seriously ask my self is ps3 that much stronger?

Shaman4736d ago

Yea in theory RSX has cell ram available,but in real life it cant and it wont use it because it causes a massive bottleneck in bandwidth and cell and rsx fight for that ram,thats why spus help rsx and thats why there is dedicated bandwidth between those two,if it wasnt ps3 would be considerably weaker then 360.

thereapersson4736d ago

I love when people sit on Google and Wikipedia all day and then come on forums and websites under the guise as though they work for these game developers or have some sort of intermediate working knowledge about how to eke performance out of a particular console.

Armchair tech experts FTW?


Shaman4736d ago

Man i love when i get so much stealth disagrees,i wouldnt mind if any of you explain me how Im wrong...whatever,just wanted to add that its already said that 360 version is running 720p it will be gimped a bit for consoles but you get much more performance from close box then when you are working for all kinds of PCs in will look great on consoles,mark my words.

Shaman4736d ago

Im sorry,i never said im expert neither im developer,but programmer was almost my day job,its just that people on here act like they know what they talk about while they cant tell difference between gpu and cpu.Since consoles were announced and e3 2005 I have been really into what they are capable of,i never developed for either but neither did 90% of people on tech forums but that is not saying that they dont know what talk about.In the end nothing i said was false or lie,its written in their specs and if you are blind to see it im sorry for you,i know alot of you have been brainwashed to limit that some of you say MGS4>>Crysis in gfx,some even write poems about their favorite system,thats really sad,and now you calling me fake because i said that consoles are pretty much on par,i guess you should tell that to 90% of 3rd party devs and god of 3d graphics Jon Carmack.

thereapersson4736d ago

Just because something is written in specs doesn't mean those specs can't be messed with a bit for different results...

I'm not saying the PS3 is the end-all-be-all, but I am saying that it sure is a different breed of machine -- even if specs say one thing or another about what it theoretically can and can't do.

irepbtown4736d ago

You can get all technical, but the truth is,
What you SEE is the result.
So if you play a game, e.g. i play UC2 and then Halo osdt, which i have. Anyway, UC2s graphics are better, no matter how technical you get. But yes, Xbox and PS3 are on each others tails, but i personally think PS3 is a step ahead.

PLXNIN4736d ago

Ninja Theory did Heavenly Sword, not Heavy Rain. Heavenly Sword looks beautiful even at today's standard, and their new game looks absolutely sh!tty compared to HS.

PLXNIN4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

And if you're to hear what PS3's capable of, would you listen to the devs that had produced the best looking console games ever (ND, GG) or would you do so from some incompetent overjealous 3rd party devs at B3D that are responsible for nothing but sh!ttier looking PS3 game out of already sh!t looking 360 game? It's not the 90% of 3rd party devs that makes the best looking games. If you look at something like the latest GOW3 trailer, it's pretty obvious that one system's more powerful than the other.

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