Crysis 2 New Screens Directly From PS3, Built To Take Full Advantage Of The Console

GT: Yesterday, we brought you some new Crysis 2 scans directly from PlayStation: The Official Magazine, but while reading the Editor-In-Chief, Gary Steinman's letter to the mag's fans, some very big and important details released.

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saint_john_paul_ii4744d ago

thats good to know. At least we know that they're are trying to crack the console in some form. im expecting big things from Crysis on PS3 this year.

movements4744d ago

Seems like there'll be no taking away from the PS3's version then. Or at least they won't be able to complain when comparing Xbox 360 and PS3 - it's now confirmed, it's being built to take full advantage of said system.

Hanif-8764744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

I hope that Cry Engine 3 will take full advantage of the PS3 hardware but given that its a multiplatform engine, i doubt it will look better than Uncharted 2 that took advantage of all the PS3 SPU's. Also, considering that most multiplatform games only uses the PS3 PowerPC-base Core @3.2GHz and not any of the 6 x SPE @3.2GHz for gaming. So if Crytek isn't just spewing crap like Valve did, then we should have a visually stunning game upon our hands again :-)

mjolliffe4744d ago

Can't wait, hoping it'll match the visual quality of Killzone 2 :)

Natsu X FairyTail4744d ago

To me what makes the beauty of the game is the brand new engine and the Real time destruction shown in the Crytek Demos etc etc. I'm not saying it'll look better than UC2 though. I'm just saying what I like about it.

saint_john_paul_ii4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

dont doubt Cry Engine 3. if you played Crysis, you know what to expect.

Uncharted 2 is the best looking game to date so far, but that doesnt mean it will last forever. Especially when it comes to PS3 games.

nix4744d ago

this is what i've been waiting for. a 3rd party game which has not been gimped because other consoles can't handle it. thank god, they aren't giving us Wii graphics. now we don't have to deal with 360 graphics.

Kurylo3d4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

It looks the same on both xbox 360 and ps3. I've played with it at itsec where the ps3 dev kit, 360 dev kit , and pc were running together through 1 controller... great development platform.. But in either case the ps3 version had less frames per second, but the 360 version had a weird glitch with shadows disappearing for a split second... the ps3 version actually subdivided the terrain 1 more level i beleive, but it didnt really make that much of a difference just a slightly rounder floor.

-disagree all u want buddy, thats the truth.. ive seen it with my own eyes..

ps. maybe i should get some more bubbles back for reporting some truthful facts that none of u really had the oppurtunity to see for yourselves.

Dont really know if your agreeing or disagreeing with me lol, but i just want to point out i work for a partner of crytek. And i also happen to be friends with a guy who is on cryengine3 right now. I know whats goin on with the engine lol :)

morganfell4744d ago

We met with Crytek last year in their suite (They did not run a booth at E3 but instead had a hotel suite about a mile away). They dodged no punches about which console would let them push Cryengine 3 to it's best performance.

thereapersson4744d ago

Yep this baby is being built to take advantage of the massive power the PS3 offers – which is nothing to scoff at, considering Crytek’s original Crysis was almost unplayable on anything but the highest-end PCs when it was released.

SL1M DADDY4744d ago

It will be a tough call to switch over to console but to be honest, my friends list on the PS3 makes the group of friends I have with PC's look pretty small. I go where the friends are and most of my buddies have PS3's.

solidt124744d ago

I have been playing Crysis Warhead on the PC and I have to admit that while I have a PC that could run Crysis 2 at higher detail I want the PS3 version so I can play with friends and get trophies. Judging of this picture the PS3 version is looking very good.

StanLee4744d ago

So if it's built to take advantage of the PS3 hardware and Crytek insists the XBox 360 and PS3 versions are identical and in the end they are, what would that say?! Dilemma for fanboys I presume?

raztad4744d ago

Everybody and their mom say they are maxing out the PS3. Really doubtful.

BTW, today is for GoW3 to shine. Lets see those titans!!

commodore644744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

@ stanLee

"So if it's built to take advantage of the PS3 hardware and Crytek insists the XBox 360 and PS3 versions are identical and in the end they are, what would that say?! Dilemma for fanboys I presume?"

What a great observation, my friend.

If crysis two tops UC2 and it does so equally well on both consoles, then you certainly will not find me complaining.
I will be one happy gamer.

Who agrees that this will be a terrific outcome?

Coffin874744d ago

Oh my god this sounds freaking amazing...
Especially the part with that it's built to take advantage of the ps3, and that this is good, because almost NOONE will have the required PC power to play that beast on full effects.

Fanb0y4744d ago

Wow, you guys are just incredibly stubborn. Even given Crytek's reputation and track record, you guys just keep saying that there's no way it will topple Uncharted 2. What makes you say so?

Crysis 2 (most likely) > Killzone 2.

(according to Crytek)
Crysis 2 Xbox 360 = Crysis 2 PS3.

A 360 game > Killzone 2?


corneliuscrust4744d ago

is that the game looks IDENTICAL on both consoles.

This really could be a driving force in laying to rest these pathetic moronic quabbles between fanboys crying "my console is teh betterz"

This could set a MASSIVE precedent. Here's hoping. For all our sakes.

Fanb0y4744d ago

Totally agree with corneliuscrust (take a bubble). The two versions looking IDENTICAL should be undeniable proof that both consoles performances are comparable (in theory). End all these 'MY CONSOLE IS BETTER' comments. We should start thrashing the devs for making bad looking games, not the console.

If one version looks better... Hell breaks loose.

4744d ago
CWMR4744d ago

-Ok so we have journalists that have seen the 360 version and were blown away and now we have another journalist that has seen the ps3 version and was blown away. I think we can safely say that this game will be mighty impressive. From what I have seen of the tech demos I have no problem believing Crysis 2 will be the best looking game on consoles.-

DarkTower8054744d ago

Where are all the Crysis haters now? Remember, it may look good, but if it's the same old Crysis gameplay then meh, I'll pass.

Consoldtobots4744d ago

lmao @ the 2 360 fanboys in here STILL on a crusade to prove the 360 isn't outdated.

as you and your ilk so gloriously like to harp this line out to Ps3 owners:

"The 360 cannot hang with the PS3 just ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON".

damn that's really annoying when people say that huh?

DaTruth4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Crytek Exec:"We are building Crysis 2 to take full advantage of the PS3!"

Telephone: Ring, ring

Bill Gates: "#$%&*$ *@#$ %?$*& %$**$ $#%$#"!!!!

Crytek Exec: "The PS3 and 360 versions will be the same"!

If they can make it look like a PS3 exclusive on both consoles, I am happy... for me and for 360 owners. But excuse me if I'm skeptical!

Edit @ the 2 360 fanboys:If it looks the same on both consoles and doesn't look as good or do more than Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, nothing has changed! Just Crytek saying they are using PS3 to the fullest doesn't change anything unless it looks on par with games using the PS3 to the fullest!

FlameBaitGod4744d ago

I dont think its fair, wut does 360 get good this days :(.......LOL!!

Shepherd 2144744d ago

You cant say that the 360 version of Crysis 2 will be comparable to the PS3 version, otherwise you are branded a fanboy and you will have many disagrees plague your existence. If the 360 version does end up being comparable to the "ultra high-end" PS3 version, the fanboys wont have it, and they dont want it to be true, so you get disagrees anyway. Its blasphemy to say you hope that the 360 version will be equally or almost as good as the PS3 version. Just the way it works im afraid.

corneliuscrust4744d ago

pretty funny that I was labeled a fanboy just for hoping that some devs live up to their word. Good times.

Chubear4744d ago

I don't know about this. It all seems like PR promotions a lot to me.

I don't know how they're going to make the console versions of crysis even hope to look anything close to crysis 1 as a multiplat title talk less of matching Crysis 2 on the PC.

I believe, when all is said and done, the console versions will look good but nothing exceptional while the PC version roxz teh sox with it's graphics.

UltraNova4744d ago

If you believe that the 360 version will be inferior to the ps3 you are delusional! MS will never allow this. Crytek is talking bullshit, they will make the game as equal as it can get.Sometimes I wish Sony had the same rules as MS.

nycredude4744d ago

I just hope they make a better game than Crysis because IMO the first one, while having awesome graphics on a tricked out pc, was a average game.

BillGatesSucks4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

the more it reminds me of the big deal everyone made (including playstation magazine) about Far Cry 2 and how it was going to be the most mind blowing game on the PS3. That game released and ... well, we all know what happened, and it didn't really include a lot of mind blowing. I'm not going to get my hopes up for this one, there's just too much hype for my liking. The one thing they seem to keep forgetting in their comparisons is that Uncharted 2 has a lot more going for it than just great looks, it has a great personality to match lol. Crysis 2 looks great, judging from the stills and tech demo from a while back (although, those can only attest to so much) but unless it can deliver in the game play as well, then I fear we have another Far Cry 2 on our hands.

What really bothers me though, is the devs repeated insistence that their engine is pushing the PS3 to its limits. Meanwhile, this is a multi-plat game, and anyone who knows anything about gaming knows that multi-plat devs strive to make their product as equal as possible across all platforms (at least, the good ones do lol). I doubt very much they're going to push all consoles to their respective limits considering how different they are, it just doesn't make economical sense. If they did, the game would turn out noticeably different on each platform, which is NOT what the result they want, they want the same result across the board (except for PC of course, which always looks better). So, I'm sure the game will look great, but it will look the same on both consoles, which is a tell tale sign that neither is being pushed to its max.

FamilyGuy4744d ago

Hopefully this becomes the defacto multiplatform engine of choice over the unreal engine, Havok, ect. for third party developers.

I really hope it's as good as they've been claiming too.

TheBand1t4744d ago

Far Cry 2 was pretty kickass in the visuals department though. They just needed to work on the mission structure.

S4NDM4N4744d ago

You realize Crysis gameplay is solely based off however you want it? THis isn't a normal scripted FPS where you just trudge along and expect the game to make explosions for you. The thing about Crysis is how it was an actual sandbox gameplay game. You can tackle any situation any way you like. That is how you are supposed to play Crysis. Plan out your attacks. It isn't for the weak minded who just trudge along waiting for scripted events.

It is like playing MAG or Battlefield with the mentality of a COD player, just trying to go lone wolf.

thesummerofgeorge4744d ago

But lets keep in mind also that SE said the same thing about FFXIII, and we all know how that turned out. I hope they don't let the 360's version affect how they build the PS3's, but just because they say they won't doesn't guarantee us anything. But I'm glad they said it none the less, I'm quite looking forward to this game, MAG has reignited my love for online FPS'.

GiantEnemyCrab4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

"mao @ the 2 360 fanboys in here STILL on a crusade to prove the 360 isn't outdated."

Nobody is on a crusade because what you're saying is flat out exaggeration.

The people on a crusade are the ones who constantly downplay the 360 and then disappear when a comparison comes out of a game that is on both platforms.. You know, the ones that you can truly compare.

I won't argue the best looking game so far this gen is on the PS3 but I am not going to be ignorant and ignore past history that the games get better as the consoles life goes on.. And this is certainly happening with the 360.. Look at the launch titles and look where we are now, you would either have to lie or be completely blind to not see things getting better.

I will be looking for you and the other loud mouths who use the 360 as a constant scape goat when the PS3 doesn't perform tops when this game drops..

Anyway, it's good to hear it will be running good on the PS3 but it has NOTHING to do with the 360 and doesn't speak at all to what the 360 version looks like.

jjohan354744d ago

I hope this engine puts Unreal Engine 3 in the coffin. That engine is so outdated.

pixelsword4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

if they add the first game as a special edition bundle along with the DLC.

Then, I would be impressed.

Besides, everyone is starting to say that, but then there's no proof in their actual game in terms of exclusives (and even then, some exclusives blow it... Haze comes to mind).

commodore644743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

I just don't understand the ps3 fans.

Here we have a developer openly stating that the ps3 version is optimised and looks to raise the graphical bar and the game will look identical on the 360, too.

Then, a few gamers show up and say how good it is that both games will raise the bar for both platforms.

Then the sony defence force activates and hangs hate aplenty on MS, on Crysis, on said gamers, simply for being positive about the industry.

Witness my comment above where I garnered 16+ disagrees simply for stating that I will be a happy gamer if both versions raise the bar and look identical.

What is wrong with you guys?
IS your self-esteem and ego so iexplicably intertwined with the ps3 that you can't stand being anything but a hater and insecure 'ps3 #1' fanboy?

It's so sad.

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Natsu X FairyTail4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

this game will be Great in the graphic department. I hope Real time destruction like in BC2 and Crysis 2 will make devs work with Better Engines in the future for the Multiplat games.

movements4744d ago

I have this feeling:

The biggest shooter of 2010 has just landed: Crysis 2.

Just a feeling.

Sarcasm4744d ago

"The biggest shooter of 2010 has just landed: Crysis 2. "

Graphics, maybe. But you know it still has to have excellent gameplay to be remembered. And maybe even a good story and multiplayer to complete the package.

FangBlade4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Crytec said that they're trying to make Crysis 2 so all the platforms will look identical... dont listen to all that "we take full advantage of the PS3" crap... because if its identical to the 360 version, you just know its a lie.

Mike134nl4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

What Crysis has said and still is saying that their engine will push both consoles to the max.

More importantly since both consoles have their relative strengths and weaknesses the developer also mentioned that the xbox360 would outperform the ps3 in some areas as would the ps3 outperform the xbox 360 in other areas.

Christian Schlütter: "Crysis 2 will be on all platforms, the best looking game. That could work. (the technology is there) it will look better than Uncharted 2nd"

corneliuscrust4744d ago

It's not even possible that the two consoles could compete on a graphical level? They both pack some serious hardware, one is just not very reliable :P

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DecoyOctopus4744d ago

im defiantly gonna get this for my PS3!

The real killer4744d ago

I don't believe it will take full advance of the PS3 hardware, they must and make the game equal like the 360 build.

So, it take not the full the potential of the PS3 hardware.
I think, the 360 version will outperform the PS3 version, because they know allot more programming for the X86 and Xenos architecture than the Cell architecture.

CWMR4744d ago

-You fanboys are silly. You have completely bought into Sony's marketing about such and such game only being possible on the PS3. Well, as many developers have stated, the two consoles are basically equal in power. The 360 has certain advantages and the ps3 has certain advantages, but they are fairly equal when it all balances out.-

BlackKnight4744d ago

Neither Console is x86. Both the Xbox and PS3 CPUs are PowerPC based. Xbox went the route of 3 PPC cores WITH SMT which allows 6 threads. While the PS3 went with 1 PPC core WITHOUT SMT and 6 usable SPE/SPU's for games (7th core is in reserve for XMB and the 8th is disabled for production yields). The way xbox is similar to PC CPUs is that it has 3 massive and SYMMETRICAL cores for general purpose processing while the cell is ASYMMETRICAL with the 1 PPC can do general purpose. The SPE's are high speed, specialized (meaning they are fast only at certain things) cores.

Both CPU's are made by IBM and are PowerPC based. I don't get why people ignore the facts and go off marketing speak...It's like those who think a bluray disc allows for 1080P games when, in fact, the most important factor to rendering resolution is a console's video card...

DaTruth4744d ago

We have bought into our "eyes" that are in our heads! Our eyes show us that PS3 has more power because it has games from 3 yrs ago that outperform everything on the 360 up to today!

There likely are some fanboys who would have everything stagnate like today, just so the PS3 can win! But most of us are just asking that you show us the games that prove 360 is equal. You can talk about aliens on Mars all you want; But until my "eyes" see aliens on Mars, I am not going to believe you.

Now, we have our eyes testifying to us that the PS3 is more powerful; Where is your evidence saying otherwise? Why do you believe 360 is equal to PS3 without having seen anything to give you that impression? If you cannot answer this with good evidence we can all see with our eyes(and not some future game like LP2 that was suppose to show "teh power" of the 360 and failed hard), then you are just a fanboy doing what fanboys do best!

BillGatesSucks4744d ago

@BlackKnight - while you are correct in saying the 360 is dissimilar from PC in that it uses a PPC chipset compared to a PC's x86 architecture, both platforms use directx development tools. So, in that sense, they are more alike than a PC and a PS3 (which uses an openGL variant).

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Shaman4744d ago

Yea it will look breathtaking on all 3 systems but i think hardcore sony fanboys doesetn like that.This will prove that 360 is also capable of better graphics then gears 2 :)

The real killer4744d ago

This proof nothing, we all know that the PS3 is far powerful than the 360, furthermore the PS3 use a complete new architecture and all the hardware is build for the Cell architecture.

We all know that Crytec is not a first party developer, so they don't know specific codes for the Cell architecture.

The 360 is capable run Crysis, but capable match in PS3 hardware is a little bit to far.

gijsbrecht4744d ago

Why do you say that? I can understand that someone with a Crysis avatar says that Crysis 2 will be the best looking game on all systems. I'm a huge PS3 and Killzone fan myself and I think that it's one of the most beautiful games around. But when Crysis 2 tops it, then I will gladly admit that and buy it day one. But first I want to see some real proof regarding your statement. You act like a fanboy yourself.

Mike134nl4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Only thing Shaman is saying that sony fans won't like it if the game looks better than Gears of war 2 and is breathtaking.

Next comment The real killer is saying ps3 = far more powerful than xbox 360. While the shaman never compared the both. He just said that both games will be breathtaking on all 3 systems both the consoles and ofcourse the home of crysis the PC.

@ gijsbrecht
Crysis 2 will be the best looking game on all systems is a claim made by the developpers. , etc

Shaman4744d ago

Yea Mike and look at how may disagrees i got with saying the game will look breathtaking on all 3 platforms,and that it will prove that 360 isnt maxed out.I dont know what did i say that was wrong?And after my post there comes the fanboy saying things that he dont understand like ps3 is far more powerful then dumb brainwashed idiot,go take a look at beyond3d or other tech forum then and see what real devs say about those two.Ps3s only advantage is theoretical power of cpu,its gpu fells short in comparison with 360 gpu and memory is the same,now where did you get that far more powerful?sony maybe?

Shaman4744d ago

OOOO man i didnt even read tho whole killer post.Cell code???You do know what your talking about??ND is not more technical then Crytek,yo think 3rd party gets locked spus or something?Everybody can use cell the way they want and they got their sdk so its up to devs and their knowledge to use it to limits.For example look at Resistance 2(first party) and AC2(third party) and what looks better?

SL1M DADDY4744d ago

You are simply conflating the topic by using games that have over a year time span between release dates. Sorry, but if you want to be taken seriously, then use games more akin to the same dates like Uncharted 2 and AC2...

Sitdown4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

You do realize you just strengthen his argument right? Because UC2 has been out for how long? in that case, shouldn't Crysis 2 have the possibility of looking better than UC2 given the time frame?...cause you are pointing out that 3rd party had a whole lot more time to match the 1st party I would hope that same progression would happen here.

As far as the person who said we all know the ps3 is more powerful...I don't know that. All I know is what the developers give me in terms of games...and that is by no means indicative of full power of a console...especially since great game developers always know how to get more. With that said, I wish people would please stop with this 1st party is possible for a 3rd party studio to get the same UC2 results as the 1st party studio. UC2 is not god...and I welcome the day the game is beat out by another title, whether it be 1st or 3rd party.

Shaman4744d ago

Ok smart guy,i will use AC1 vs Resistance,tell me which looks better?

N4BmpS4744d ago

Aye Shanman maybe a fanboy of Crysis(nothing really wrong with that)but he knows or seems to know what he's talking about. I checked out a lot of sites not related to Sony a while back some said the PS3 is more powerful some said otherwise however, I said this before and I ain't afraid to say it again; Crysis as a series needs more than it astonishing graphics, that wasn't where it was lacking it was certain gameplay elements, A.I., among a few other things. I didn't know where shanman was going with the gears statement nor do I really care but the only thing I disagreed with was the "PS3 fans probably won't like this game" as a PS3 owner, I'm glad it's on PS3, even with a powerful PC there were problems with Crysis when I played for a short while.

Bebedora4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

For the sake of sanity and logic, Resistance series are developed by a 3rd party developer - Insomniac. It is an exclusive title to the PS3 though.

Ju4744d ago

R2 looks better than AC1 :) R2 is widely under-appreciated for some of the visuals in the game (still hard to compare, one is a linear shooter running @ 60fps the other an open world game @ 30fps, but the opening scene incl. that big boss, the landscape, the amount of chimera shooting at you with the draw distance and the particles going off at the same time with a stable 60fps frame rate dwarfs AC(1&2)). If R2 doesn't shine all the way, the reason is, the art direction is not consistent through out the game, and the design of historic places in AC is outstanding.

bjornbear4744d ago

i'm hyped for this game, and truly hope it does top any game on the PS3, but i won't have high hopes

if it does, awesome, since I'm day 1ing this game =D

I've never been able to play crysis or warhead due to not having invested into a good gaming rig, but I always wanted to (and will one day =D)

I'm psyched for this game because its going to be an AWESOME GAME.

it doesn't matter if its exclusive or not

its just, PS3 exclusive do spoil one's standards ;)

SL1M DADDY4744d ago

Much better especially considering that R2 looked much better than AC1. Especially since AC1 was full of glitchy code and looked absolutely horrible when you were not in the animus (sp?). Thanks for clearing that up.

As for supporting your argument, it is much better if you would have just said that historically, games get better looking as the console ages and soon get to a point where they hit the ceiling of graphical power. Another great example of that without using fanboy goggles is God of War and God of War II. With a few years, no matter who is developing the game, games will look and should look better.

CWMR4744d ago

-Hell no, are you guys blind? Assassin's Creed blows away Resistance 2. I personally thought Resistance 2 looked mediocre. Some of the textures looked almost PS2 quality and the overall look of the game was decidedly average.-

mittwaffen4744d ago

but then decided not to waste my time.

so hi everybody hope you have a great day.


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