Instant Impressions: Bioshock 2 Multiplayer

Ryan from Loading Reality details his first experiences with Bioshock 2's multiplayer.

"I must first admit that when they announced multiplayer in Bioshock 2 I laughed at the idea. Then when videos started to surface showcasing the mode I laughed even harder. Well Bioshock 2 was released yesterday and after playing the game for 5 hours (4 of which were on MP) I can honestly say they proved me wrong...From what I have played so far Bioshock 2 multiplayer is my surprise of the year so far. I went in with little to no expectations but have been blown away at just how much time and effort went into crafting a fantastic, unique and enjoyable experience. I now have my game to tide me over till Battlefield hits next month."

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rroded3173d ago

i hate the fact its p2p lots of disconnects and can b very laggy

tho the gameplays fun with tons of unlocks and solid gamemodes.

BeaArthur3173d ago

I'm at the opposite end, I think the multiplayer is pretty bad. The hit detection is spotty, the maps are pretty generic feeling and I have already had too many "how did I just die moments" (probably because of the hit detection).

solar3173d ago

ugh i figured it had P2P for MP, but im more interested in the SP experience. hopefully its amusing for a bit. or really fun like Killing Floor ended up to be.