Looking back to the often overlooked Bioshock 2

Richard writes: "In terms of the Bioshock trilogy, it’s always felt that Bioshock 2 is often overlooked. Sure the first game is an FPS classic and one of the greatest games of all time, and TheXboxHub even voted Bioshock Infinite as one of our games of the decade, but Bioshock 2 deserves a lot of love, despite it being a bit too similar to its predecessor."

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NecrumOddBoy595d ago

I liked Bioshock 2 so much. I thought it was superior in many levels and a worthy sequel. My only major gripe is the same I had for Infinite which was it's just too damn linear. The original had a bit Metroidvania approach to collectables, progression, back tracking and secret areas. B2 and BInf were less of an exploration game and more FPS.

TheRealTedCruz595d ago

Yeah. I enjoyed Infinite; hell, it was the first game I bought for my new PC at the time, but it's the weakest in the series in a number of ways.

Rebel_Scum595d ago

Having replayed the first one last year I can definitely say its as linear as 2 and infinite.

TheRealTedCruz595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

Nothing can beat your first trip to rapture. It's an amazing world, and truly one of those gaming experiences you wish you could relive with fresh eyes.
All that said, I legitimately feel Bioshock 2 told a more compelling story. Not to mention finding Minerva's Den to be the best content had in the series.

Infinite was a letdown. Far too linear by comparison. Still an interesting world, but not nearly as engrossing as Rapture, as far as I go. The DLC was pretty fantastic though.

AK91595d ago

I honestly didn't like it or its expansion Minverva's Den (which the Bioshock community loves) but in terms of gameplay it is definitely a step up above its predecessor.

Tross595d ago

I like Bioshock 2 just fine and agree that it's underrated.

595d ago
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