BioWare Sculpts Improved Mass Effect Sequel with Unreal

When it came time to create a sequel to its critically acclaimed bestseller, Mass Effect, Electronic Arts-owned developer BioWare focused on improving Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 base technology to create a more immersive sci-fi role-playing action game experience. The game has already sold over two million copies worldwide, solidifying itself as the first big game of 2010. Over 150 people at BioWare worked on the new game, which is the latest blockbuster from the acclaimed developer. Having worked with UE3 on the first game, Casey Hudson, lead producer on Mass Effect 2, said his team has been able to push every aspect of the new game forward from both a technology and gameplay perspective.

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Bigpappy3669d ago

I know you got my $60, and you deserve it. I really, Really like this game. Everything just works right. What a great job! I can't say it enough.

IdleLeeSiuLung3669d ago

I started reading the books and the storyline is amazing!

I love the Mass Effect universe....

Major_Tom3669d ago

R P G. Definitive.

This IS what RPG's are all about.

Letros3668d ago

If it wasn't labeled an RPG would it be any better/worse? Genre's are so pointless sometimes.

chak_3668d ago

I might (and will) get flamed, but I didn't like it that much. In fact I didn't finish it :/

Call me a moron, but I found the shooting part absolutly awefull and useless, and that broke all the fun FOR ME.

I couldn't go back to the awesome conversation system , because I knew i'd have to shoot brainless aliens for 1h hour right after that.
Too much fighting for me. I've nothing against fight itself, but they should have spaced it more.

I've played about 20h and then I stopped. I know I'm like the only one on earth, but I couldn't finish it :(

And yes, I prefered the first one, with all its flaws
oh well..

ThanatosDMC3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Maybe they copied the idea from Fallout 3? Which i personally think is great since talking to scripted AI and doing round about ways like doing a side quest for them just to get a key really grinds my gears. No wonder i massacred Tenpenny Tower after i blew up Megaton.

Anyway, i do agree with you that they did focus less on the talking RPG elements and instead made gunning a lot better. But it wasnt necessarily a bad thing. I'm glad shotguns actually work this time around instead of having everybody use rifles.

IronFistChinMi3668d ago

What class did you play as? If it was the soldier class, I can see why you found it tedious. I recommend playing as a Biotic, it's much better and I've heard the Tech class is great too.

Mike134nl3668d ago

Vanguard is also a good class, for a second run I might try the biotic class on a higher difficulty setting my first run the aliens didn't put up much of a fight.

likedamaster3668d ago

Seems like your leanings are toward more casual gameplay, may I suggest JRPGs?

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