Top 10: What We Want from MAG DLC or MAG 2

Zipper Interactive has its latest SCEA-published shooter out the door, but there's still more work to be done. So, while 256-player battles are a major feat, there were too many FPS fundamentals cut out for the developer to rest on its laurels. Here are the top ten things Gaming Target would like to see in DLC or a MAG 2, even if that means waiting until an eventual PS4.

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-Alpha3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

MAG 2 wont come out unless they are going to add in even more players.

I think this would make nice DLC:

-An all out war between all 3 PMCs. It would be interesting to see if PMCs would ever double team one group.

I would love to see that happen, BC2 is doing it in a way too.

arakouftaian3661d ago

and go and play bad company 2 demo

is so boring and simple

you did the wrong chose

not buying MAG

its a better game

-Alpha3661d ago

But whether it's a better game or not is pretty subjective and considering BC2 hasn't come out yet I don't think it's a fair comment.

Also, BC2 has a story mode, something that I want.

MAG looks good, but I prefer BC.

Maybe MAG is better, but I doubt it and am much more satisfied getting the game that seems to offer more.

-Alpha3661d ago

I've heard that the first few modes are full of noobs which means most players (who are skilled) only play the one domination mode.

This makes sense, but perhaps they can offer a "Pro" mode for modes like suppression/TDM that only higher levels (Ones who unlock domination) can play. That way older players who want to play TDM can play with other older players.

Dark_king3661d ago

I want this game to add a bunch of weapons and items.but to unlock these weapons you got to spend your exp.and imagine a zombie mode 10 dudes start out as zombies no weapons instead of the knife you jump forward and bite.every one bit turns and you only get 1 life.

raztad3661d ago

This comment make me think those guys didnt play MAG for more than one hour.

"Really, Zipper, anything that gets MAG away from the “simply protect or defend this objective” would be greatly appreciated."

hahahahahahaha. Above comment is hilarious.

I reckon however, I was expecting a stronger backstory and more persistent elements. More maps are always expected, nothing to write home.

VileAndVicious3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I think more maps and weapons are inevitable. I dont understand why anyone would want to change the core gameplay. However Ive been hearing rumors that zipper might add a 3 way war type game mode...well just have to see.
(off topic)

I totally called Demons Souls 2 like a week ago lol.

SwiderMan3661d ago

But what other modes are there in MAG besides protect and defend stuff? At least creating a randomly rotating zones protect/defend game so more soldiers can scramble. Or, create VIP mode where one person must be protected for either the entire game until the they or a period of time. I'm tired of immobile objects (with the exception of vehicles) always being the focus.

raztad3661d ago

It's hilariuos because even though you are always defending or attacking something, the core gameplay of the mode themselves is quite variated and allows for different tactical approaches.

I think a VIP of sort is implemented on Acquisition.

Capture the Flag wouldnt work in this game. The last man standing either.

It's hard to come up with other modes in a game of this scale, they are trying to simulate a war after all.

SwiderMan3661d ago

Acquisition is kind of like that, but everything is one-sided, protecting OR defending. I want both sides involved in the protect/defending fight, you know what I mean. That's what I like about the normal deathmatch game type. This is a full-scale war.

Sevir043660d ago

game modes like Aquisition and Domination, protecting and seiging are only the cut and dry. the true core gameplay breaks down into repairing, gaurding destroying and fortifying your all of your objectives.. an objective is never lost on something as big as MAG because Good squad leaders all ways have a way to shape the batterflied and score big... opposing team destroyers your bunker or senory aray... fine. new objective set. repair and defend, and new choke point is set for a new battle in an ever changing and evoling war.

and all of this is before the Main objective of aquisition... The game is like several Mini War objective based games in one with one Huge objective that overall wraps the game mode and give everyone a purpose. Aquisition and Domination are the cream of the crop, but I'd really like to see them do a 80vs80vs80 all out war, 3 factions vie control for a central point on a map that has multiple objectives that must all be taken over and held for control of that game type. this would also have small outpost on the outskirts of the central choke point, this essentially would be the capture teh flag mode, akin to Warhawks but in a far more team orient gaming that only MAG can provided. i believe here all squad and platoon leaders can Shine here and help net their squads, platoons and company some major victories. think of the bragging rights of something this big and epic..

what would also be cool is adding a new faction and have them centrally based out there in the cold destitutes of the antartic region where their biggest advanges come from new playing hazards like terrain, i mean MAG would have to up it's engine but a battle for their resources spawning across a frozen lake with bombs and grenades breaking the ice and having people fall in because of that would only elevate MAG's Controlled Chaos game play it so expertly employs, New maps, and a few gameplay modes and some new weapons and a new faction or 2 with some good contracts and more things to help diversify each faction from each other besides out ward look would Make Mag's experience that much more enjoyable. I'm all for MAGH and i'm a loyal follower, anyone who wants to Join the Official N4G SVER squad in Mag hit me up, we are pretty cohesive and work well together.

PSN id: SEVIREDgamer

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younglj013661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

lol a Snow Map and already know how it would look.Zipper make this happen Valor and S.V.E.R. will get their ass kicked even more but on my map lmao.

MAG 2 will probably come in late 2011.And I hope they keep tha 256 players no need for more players.Add SP,better graphics,new modes,more weapons I would really like to use tha xm8 on Raven.

Join as a Noob
Leave as a Soldier


Join as a Noob
Leave as a Owned Noob

u pick............

VileAndVicious3661d ago

Ive was doing a little reading the other day and noticed SONY patented the name "Planetside 2". That will probably make its debut next year since it is another massive FPS type of game, I believe MAG was sort of a testing ground for whats really coming.
And Im pretty sure the next thing Zipper will do is another SOCOM...a real one.

SwiderMan3661d ago

I hope you're right about Zipper doing another SOCOM. Like raztad said, MAG didn't have much of a backstory and I really didn't care about why the fighting was happening. SOCOM has a built-in story.