El33tonline Hands-on Preview: Aliens vs Predator

El33tonline writes:

"Let me start by admitting that I wasn't always the biggest fan of the Aliens or Predators franchise. In fact I was somewhat reluctantly introduced to it through my first screening of the Aliens vs Predator film. And I will even go as far as to admit that I didn't know which was the Alien and which was the Predator.

However, I suppose you could say that this was the beginning of my education in all matters of Aliens and Predators, and before long I found that I couldn't get enough of the action. So you can imagine that I have been following the Aliens vs Predator videogame with quite a bit of interest and anticipation. Not even the guts and gore could distract me from eagerly downloading the game's multiplayer demo as soon as it was delivered into our hands last week."

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