The Vehicles of Battlefield: Bad Company 2

One thing that continues to separate the Battlefield and Call of Duty series of games is the ability to use vehicles. Sure there was very limited availability in Call of Duty: World at War but that seemed more of an after-thought.

BFBC2 continues this tradition with 14 vehicles for air, land and sea operations. Unlike BF2 however, don't expect to find any jets in BFBC2.

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TheDudeAbides3664d ago

I've been playing today a few hours with my friends, vehicles is a must in multiplayer. Tanks are awesome if you have a good team, you owns everybody. They've made rapair tool to overheat, wise move, love helicopters, love ATVs.
BC2 I'm coming.

spektical3663d ago

although i find it somewat annoying, making the powertool overheate was/is a wise move... just yesterday i was in a bradley and DAMN, it was warzone, the other team were being idiots as they were using Tanks to run through a cliff, thus easy to pick them off. eventially it came to an end, cause of the UAV.
the only think i dont like about the heli, is the reload speed, and how many missiles they fire. There is a huge learning curve for the heli's and UAV, i 've only just recently mastered the UAV, so i can go inside buildings.. lol

-Alpha3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I disagree.

You don't need vehicles in MP games like COD, it's simply a design choice.

There are a hundred other reasons to hate CoD, but I prefer no vehicles in a game like COD. I love it in BF though.

Besides, killstreaks are enough.

As for this article: there is an interactive guide on BC2's site:, just go there and enter a Gamer Tag (try NightStalkar) and you will have access to all that is BC2.

This article is just showing snippets of photos from that guide.

Go ahead, feed your appetite. I'm doing everything and anything to kill the wait.

bjornbear3663d ago

COD not having vehicles is a design choice, and just like other games, it executes it well

but i presonally agree with the dude, because i think vehicles is extra fun =D but thats me =)

evrfighter3663d ago

killstreaks is just plain stupid.

Fanb0y3663d ago

Lhe light tanks are so devastating when there are four people inside. Driver with grenade launcher, AA gunner with AA cannon, Side machine gunner, and another side machine gunner. That's a serious force to reckon with.

specialguest3663d ago

I'm not sure whether I should get the PS3 version, or the PC version. If I get it on the PC, I may only be able to run it on medium graphics level, with AA off, yet I have the option to run it at 60fps if I do more tinkering.

lsujester3663d ago

I love to hide in the bushes, and then throw out C4 when the tanks go by. Great fun.

T3L3PROOF3663d ago

Honestly, try to apply a vehicle to any cod map (other than World At War) It will not work, It's not there just for "design", vehicles play a major role in the game. Whether it be for combat or gameplay, it changes the results. And I think it is necessary to apply vehicles to Battlefield because it would be boring to walk all the way to the enemy base all the time.

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spektical3663d ago

aw i was expecting more sea vehicles, i think DICE can greatly expand more on that... have a map were you have to go in ships to take an island... that would be awesome!!

haha i actually shot someone in a heli in BFBC with a sniper... luckiest shot i ever seen.

Guitarded3663d ago

I used to heli-snipe in Battlefield 2 all the time. Never could get one in Battlefield: Bad Company. The shots would just damage the chopper. I hated that! Now they are back in BF:BC2!? Must try immediately!

happy_gilmore3663d ago

even warhawk look better than this POS. jaggies, low res textures and pop ups every damn where

KingKiff3663d ago

maybe on your budget console *cough Xbox cough*

But not on PC lol...

Crisp clean and beautiful with extra player and X16 AA settings...

My low end laptop plays this looking miles better on just low settings... Yu should see it at max on my desktop you would cry having to go back to you pov box

LOLZ at you and LOLZ at console owners and their "port"

Guitarded3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

A PC gamer is someone with more time on their hands and money in their pockets, than brains in their head.

Now go hunch over your keyboard and look at your tiny little, what, 24" monitor. Oh, maybe their is a new driver to download for you. Let me guess. Your one of those guys who PC games through their TV from the couch. Kind of a waste of your PC's resolution advantage, isn't it? What of that keys and mouse control advantage PCtards are always on about.

I'm going to enjoy my massaging recliner and some BF:BC2 demo and Mass Effect 2($45 at amazon) on my $800 52" Samsung(black friday rocks) and my $200 360. Isn't that about what you paid for your monitor alone? No? Ebay crap? Couch+TV?

Why don't you go defrag or something?

KingKiff3663d ago

I play with my PC plugged into my TV yes, but its not 720p scaled up like your game will be. I am also using a wireless mouse, keyboard and 7.1 surround headset and its sounds and looks great... My couch is very comfy also so no problems with tiny monitors or hunched backs here.

I own an xbox and have done the comparisons... The PC version is leaps and bounds better than the console version. So enjoy your port mate and continue to hate, I don't care & I will have a much better experience than you will... Enjoy abusive 12 year olds, paying for online and crappy graphics LOLZ AT YOU...

only idiots that download to much porn need to defrag so use your brain and come up with some decent debate.

I didn't hate any consoles in my post, so where do you get all the anger from???

Is it due to the fact that you can't afford a decent PC (they are not expensive anymore) or is it because you are a fanboy for "budget" gaming???

Remember that fanboyism isn't cool, it makes you look dumb.

Oh BTW I pre ordered the game for $50 and get 6 free unlocks... Do you lol, um NO! enjoy paying $110 for a crappy port...

P.S. 32XAntiscopic filter and 16XQSAA is farcking awesome looking, but you wouldn't know anything about that would you???

ajkla923663d ago

pfff pc gamers.... where are your exclusives?

Guitarded3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

@1.3 "I didn't hate any consoles in my post"

@1.1 "maybe on your budget console *cough Xbox cough*"

Wireless keyboard and mouse on your couch. Where? In your lap? On a TV tray? Give me a break.

So let me get this straight. You spent more time and money to get 720p native and better frame rates.

Only an idiot thinks you only have to defrag when you download porn! Do you even know what a defrag is?

32X what? and 16XQAA don't look all that awesome. Not for the hassle and cost. Not worth it.

My original statement stands. Maybe when you grow up and have a life that is not centered around yourself, you'll understand gaming on a budget of both time and money.

Edit: Adults understand cost to performance comparisons. There is enough money in my gaming budget to afford a killer PC. Remember, I pay to play online. PC is not worth the time or money you have to put into them to play games. I pay for LIVE because it makes it simple and QUICK to hook up with my friends and family for games. NOTHING on PC is simple OR quick. Especially gaming. So why don't you give up. Oh you already have.

KingKiff3663d ago

I win everytime keep trying mate...

get a better job earn more money and join the adults gamers of the world...

TheBand1t3663d ago

So where's the adult gamer in this comment thread? All I've seen is some kid on the playground telling all the other kids how much better his toy is.

KingKiff3663d ago

Maybe I am saying my toy is better... But in the end IT IS BETTER lol

Guitarded3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Better is subjective little boy. My 360 and Live give me a better gaming "experience" then my days with PC gaming ever did. See how that works? I doubt it. Maybe you really do need to go and do a defragmentation of your hardrive. Off with you now.

happy_gilmore3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

i'm actually playing the pc beta atm on i7 8GB ram gts250 sli. the POS still looks last gen. but i will concede that bfbc2 is probably the best FPS ice-skating game out there.

not saying that pc gaming is useless. pc exclusives look best. crysis is unbeatable, graphically. rts games by relic and creative assembly, can only be played on a pc. but multi platform games, say bioshock 2 and re5, only look marginally better than their console counterparts. and relatively worse when you factor in the cost.

my argument here is that bfbc2 looks like crap on pc and on my ps3

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Rumor3663d ago

too bad we cant shoot off the atv's :(

and im still not sure how to fly a heli. anyone tech me :) i got the ps3 demo...

SpaceFox3663d ago

I can help you out. Add me on PSN: spacefox00

bjornbear3663d ago

only one tip:

practice practice practice

kanetheking3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

don't press l2 to dive or the heil goes back.den u get epic fail lol

SpaceFox3663d ago

There are more than 14, you can count on that. That list doesn't include the:

- CAVJ (aka the buggy from BFBC)
- ACV-S (US version of the AA tank)
- BLACK EAGLE (MEC heavy tank)
- 2T STALKER (MEC light tank)
- KA-52 (MEC helicopter)

ShottySnipa4173663d ago

Can you give me a link to where you found that info?

SpaceFox3663d ago

It's not OFFICIAL official, but the pics look official and are in the same style as the confirmed pics.

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