The Full Array of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Weapons

BFBC2 has 62 items classified as weapons and a total of 45 guns. All of this and they still manage to leave out BF2 classics like the G36-E and the L85A1.

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-Alpha3665d ago

In some manner-- the website from DICE has an interactive guide though you need to enter a GamerTag (if you guys can't get in google "Battlefield Veteran leaderboards" and use one of them to enter.

This game is going to be ace

BeaArthur3664d ago

haha, you are correct. They did the same thing with the vehicles yesterday and I reported the story but it made it through anyways. I'm going to ask a stupid question because I am not a Battliefield vet. I'm assuming that if you have a red dot scope on your rifle that you can't also have a grenade launcher or is that totally incorrect?

evrfighter3664d ago

"All of this and they still manage to leave out BF2 classics like the G36-E and the L85A1"

They never said they weren't going to add these guns. I imagine there will be DLC's on consoles that will add more weapons/vehicles. The PC dlc's being free of course.

KAEM73664d ago

Anyways I'm still on the fence with the shooters... I'm bored with mw2, I found the bfbc2 demo not living up to my expectations, and I'm starting to like MAG more and more as i read about it. And I am not going to buy both. What to do...

Guess I will wait for bfbc2 reviews and some more insider news from the mag forums (hope zipper really improves on mag in the coming weeks)

BeaArthur3664d ago

Game Informer gave BFBC2 a 9.5

TheBand1t3664d ago

There are scopes for every rifle, since scopes are unlocked on a by-class basis, not a by-gun basis.

dragonelite3664d ago

Every gun has scopes i believe i saw it on a youtube video

soulzero3664d ago

To ever release on these next gen consoles.
If you dont like this game, then i suggest to turn on your xbox/ps3.

Pop mw2 in, and STFU.

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