Guardian | Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Review

Mark McCormick: Taking all of this into account, I feel that The Last Hope is a very average game; it's not a proper RPG and it's not a pure button basher. It's a shame because when I played on Final Fantasy I always wanted to be able to run around and fight my own way like you can in Star Ocean but, it's just not as good as I'd hoped. If you're new to the Star Ocean series you might be a little disappointed, but if you've been a fan for a while you might think differently. It was fun for a while, but it would really benefit from an online co-op mode. Back to Modern Warfare 2 it is, then.

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Homicide3666d ago

Exactly what I would give it.

Baba19063666d ago

i need a rpg dog dammit, stop trashing all the jrpg.........

Da One3666d ago

A game doesn't need online co-op to be good. Clearly you shouldn't be making reviews for JRPG's please go play your Call of Duty....

Also Star Ocean 4 isn't a good game(neither was SO3)

Son_Lee3666d ago

JRPGs reviewed by people high off Modern Warfare 2. After years of FPS and TPS games, you'd think a JRPG would be a nice change of pace, but obviously no one seems to think so lately.

Bought WKC, I like it a lot. Solid 8/10 in my book. Graphics won't blow you away but they won't hurt the eyes either. A lot of the environments look nice (desert, the water, the sky, etc.)

I have no doubts I'll enjoy Star Ocean. If it's just like SO3 count me in. Always loved Star Ocean since SO2 became one of my all-time favorite games back in 1999.

A great year for RPGs no matter how you slice it. When it comes to JRPGs this gen, you gotta review it for yourself. And that's how it should be, anyway.

raztad3666d ago

Wow, JRPGs are having a real hard time among western reviewers. Not quite sure why is so. I would recommend to skip gamespot, IGN, etc etc and go straight to a more RPG friendly site like RPGfan and few others.

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