2K Marin: The console wars are 'a bit silly'

Destructoid: "During our interview with 2K Marin concerning BioShock 2, we couldn't resist asking about fanboyism and the console wars. BioShock was, itself, at the center of a battle between Xbox 360 loyalists and Sony insurgents, as its prior 360 exclusivity made it a prime target for the latter. Until, of course, it was released on the PS3. Then the PS3 fanboys claimed it was brilliant, and not rubbish like they had done before. "

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nogolis3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I'm the furthest thing from a fanboy... I only own the Ps3 and a kick ass PC, on which I played Bio Shock on, and I can say without a doubt the game sucks. the story blows. The location sucks. The gameplay sucks.

I find it funny people love to call me an xbot and all that but I don't even have an xbox 360. Or an xbox 1 for that matter. I know what I like and at the end of the day it's Sony and the PS3, but that doesn't mean I like everything they do and produce. People who hate me are Sony fanboys... People who understand me are xbox owners. Go figure??

Bio Shock... Sucks. But only half as much as Destructoid. I cannot stand this site.

damnightmare3673d ago

I've only seen you bash PS3 games

and Bioshock's story sucked? WTF

I'd say people hate you because you don't have an open mind about things. Plus you should know by now if you say something bad about one or the other platform you will get smacked in the face on here.

Complaining about it is pathetic though.

nogolis3673d ago


The reason I only bash PS3 games is because if it isn't on Ps3 or PC I can't play it... I can't go around bashing xbox 360 games I don't like because I've never really played anything on the system.

Sure I've played Halo 1 and 2... I've played Gears and Bio Shock and Mass Effect, currently Mass Effect 2. But not on the xbox 360. I've played these on PC.

So when I hate on Ps3 games it's because I simply don't like the game in question. Not because I don't like the system or haven't given the game a fair shot.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3673d ago

MariusElijah the PS3 is still in last place dude.

Tito083673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

PS3 might b in last place, but they're really catching up, so at this point, right now is like almost a 5 million system difference(before it was 9-10 sales difference, somewhere around that), I'm not bashing the 360 but they could of done much better with system sales n some more Exclusive games and the system failures... They surpassed the original Xbox which is great, but 5 million difference ahead of PS3 is not as marginal as how it was PS2 vs Xbox back then... But one thing I give the 360 the most credit is the Online despite the price and the software sales!!!!

Trebius3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

If there were no flame wars, what would Jason 360, Bungie and all the other Xbot nerds have to do everyday?!??!

Their lives are meaningless as it is!!

Without the console war they're just wastes of life.

starchild3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

"before it was 9-10 sales difference"

Nonsense. The gap was never that large. Do your best to prove me wrong with actual credible links.

The largest the gap ever really got was about 8 million. It was around 6 or 7 million when the PS3 first launched.

At the end of October 2006 Microsoft announced that 6 million Xbox 360s had been sold. The PS3 launched less than a month later on November 17, 2006. I doubt that Microsoft sold more than a million consoles in less than a month, so the 360 was clearly somewhere between 6 and 7 million consoles sold worldwide by the time the PS3 launched.

Right now the gap is still over 5 million. This means that it took the PS3 over 3 years to narrow the gap by around 1.5 million. That is still a sizable gap.

Tito083672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

"Bill Gates announced that Microsoft would have a head start of 10 million units by the time Sony and Nintendo entered the market. Microsoft later specified that goal and estimated shipments of 10 million units by the end of 2006"

"By the end of the year the company hopes to ship about 10 million of Xbox 360 consoles"

Those words came from the 2 links u showed me, I might be mistaken but those predictions were made by the company!!

When I said 9-10m, after that I said "somewhere around that", so I knew I wasn't right about it, but look, both systems already surpassed the 30m sales, no company is gonna sell 39m copies of a game in a single system, n by the way, the PS3 numbers are good enough to make some good software numbers, n yeah, 5 million difference is too little in that situation because it was 8 million difference in September(the gap was more than 5-6, u forgot they lowered the price to $200 in 2008) until Sony released the slim PS3, and now look at it, it made from 8m to 5m in a short time... 360 is $100 cheaper than PS3 and same price as Wii n still outsold by both... This ain't 2006 or 2007 bro!!!

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kaveti66163673d ago

Aren't they, though? I try to reiterate my hate of fanboyism everyday, but I get flak from fanboys from all sides. Some even embrace their fanboyism.

You see, I can admire someone who says they have a passion for games. It's because gaming is a form of entertainment.

However, I can't admire somebody who is a fanboy for only a small part of that entertainment medium.

I have a friend who loves cars and his favorite type of car is a BMW. But he never bashes other car types or models. However, if all he ever did was make fun of Mercedes, then he wouldn't be a car lover. He would just be an annoying BMW fanboy.

Same principle applies here.

-Alpha3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

And it's also very childish and revealing of a person. To think that people walk the earth with the mindset that they embrace one principle and use that lens to be blind to all other things is very scary and makes me wonder about the broader picture.

I usually find "console wars" or fanboyism happens between really young children, but I'm surprised to see how many grow adults who should be a little more rational have such radical attachments to a company.

It's silly, but also pathetically funny.

LordMarius3673d ago

The only silly thing here is the 360 trying to be the #1 console and the bots supporting it
Sorry MS another race lost

360 has no games :(

Parapraxis3673d ago

Destructoid are the ones obsessed with the "console war".

Blaze9293673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

some of these developers should stop throwing out fanboy remarks that incite the flame wars then. That's a start.

We don't need to know xx game is only possible on xx system if xx game will never even come out for xx system. That's pointless.

We don't need to know xx system is maxed out when xx developer says it isn't. Because you suck as a developer to expand on the technology doesn't mean you need to make excuses up that fanboys will just eat up.

We don't need to know why you won't develop on xx system becuase it's too hard for them or xx community is better than xx's community online.

And I can go on forever and from just those I'm sure people know which developers I'm talking about from JUST that.

That's why I love being a multi-platform owner; never have to be upset about ANYTHING becuase I'll always have the best of both worlds. Like @KILLERAPP said below, "When you can only buy one console you have tell yourself that the other game sucks or you will be very sad that you can't play it."

Darkstorn3673d ago

'Fanboyism' has been around a lot longer than consoles have existed. It originally came in the form of nationalism - blind faith in one's country of origin - and nowadays manifests itself in a number of respects, including console-related 'nationalism.'

It's nothing new, but it sure can get annoying... :D

pimpmaster3673d ago

who plays video games... thats the problem, immature 13-20 year olds. on top of that we have the anonymity of the internet. im shure the fanboys would never say the stuff they say on here to their friends... cause they dont have any, which also goes into y they go looking for attention online like in this fashion.

UltimateIdiot9113673d ago

Like it or not, fanboyism will continue to exist. Whether it's game, country, religion, sports, whatever. You can't stop it even if you try. The best you can do is ignore it, and do your part to be objective. The moment you give in and retaliate, then you will just reinforce fanboyism.

mikeslemonade3673d ago

The thing is the boyfan who said the game is rubbish normally isn't the same boyfan who says the game is awesome when it becomes multiplatform. People just aren't that flat out hypocritical. They probably would only do that in a jokingly way.

I have never said a 360 exclusive that was exclusive was rubbish and then it is awesome when it's multiplatform. Especially since i'm an advocate for exclusives. Multiplatform is normally shovelware aside from Modern Warfare 2 there's really nothing good out there.

calis3673d ago

Sony/Microsoft and developers fuel this crap.

Immortal Kaim3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I agree with most of the rational comments above, fanboys are inherently biased. Some people might claim it's human nature, but I see it as a negative human trait that not all of us posses. I bought a Samsung LCD TV last year, I love(d) it, but it certainly wasn't the best TV on the market, it did its job. I also have 2002 Ford Falcon (Car), it isn't the best car around and I would love to get a newer car, but hey, it's fine for me. You know, I bought a PS3 a while ago, I think it's great, but you know, it doesn't stop me from playing games on my 360 or Wii, because I think they're all great.

What I'm trying to emphasis is, just because you spent money on something and have invested in the product, does not make it the greatest thing on earth, it also doesn't make every other product in the same 'competing area', a piece of junk. I find that fanboys are completely egotistical, everything revolves around them and their purchase. So what if someone spent money on a different product, why do people feel that they have to belittle something they don't own in order to elevate their own purchase? As a school teacher (in practice), egotism is a strong trait of young children, it seems some people just don't grow up...

DatNJDom813673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

"BioShock was, itself, at the center of a battle between Xbox 360 loyalists and Sony insurgents......."

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I will never give destructoid another hit. So people that prefer Sony are insurgents? *sigh* All other insurgent that prefer Sony as a console put ur motherfukcing AKs in the air.............. To certain people it is about quality u know.

"BioShock was, itself, at the center of a battle between Xbox 360 loyalists and Sony insurgents, as its prior 360 exclusivity made it a prime target for the latter. Until, of course, it was released on the PS3. Then the PS3 fanboys claimed it was brilliant, and not rubbish like they had done before."

Just like MGS is now the sh!t cause its going to xbox, but was just an interactive movie prior to Rising. ff13 is cool now too cuz its going to xbox. see destructoid is just pure trash man. gaming journalism at its "best".

Anon19743673d ago

If you're an enthusiast of one console or another, I have no issue with that but you don't see people gumming up BMW forums saying "BMW's suck, and the Lexus is a much better vehicle!" or the other way around. I wish people could just be enthusiastic about one console without having to bash gamers who's only crime is they happen to prefer another console. The whole thing is ridiculous. I'm a gamer who has owned a 360 since launch, prefers his PS3 and was a Wii owner at one time.

I'm pretty opinionated, but you'll never see me bash someone because they like a game, or they prefer a different console than I do. You will see me take a stand against those that choose to attack other gamers for their console preference, or put down other gamers or systems. I hate the idea of any gamer coming to this site and made to feel unwelcome simply because of his choice of system. However, those who choose to simply troll up the forums with complete disregard for gamers who choose to want to intelligently discuss issues related to gaming need to find another hobby.

Viper73673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I understand why some people might hate Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo as they provide consumer products and are basically just big companies trying to make money. Its no brainer that they also have their share of haters. But why hate the games because of the platform?

I may not buy X360 because its made by Microsoft (I have right as a consumer to "vote with my wallet"), but I was always interested in Bioshock even when it was exclusive (I loved system shock2 and Deus ex and heard it was "spiritual successor of SS2"). I was even thinking about getting it on my PC but didn't bother because of the piracy protection method (which actually attacked consumers instead of pirates).

As for now I am pretty sure Mass Effect2 for example is a great game and would love to play it. Why should I hate the game just because its not (at least not yet) available on my platform of choice?

Of course I see it as Ok to be angry to a certain developer or publisher as they might do things like for example: Square-enix who first F*cked up with Playstation gamers who bough Ps3 for Star ocean 4 only to see it was coming to x360, and then f*ck up with X360 gamers by releasing the "final enchanted" version to Ps3 year later with no word of providing the extra content as dlc for X360 version.

So hating a game A because you prefer console B? really has no logic.

Bungie3673d ago


it's kinda silly but some fanboys are too sensitive over anything like reviews and comments

Sarcasm3673d ago

You know, when the PS3 launched... If there wasn't "HAHAHAHA YOU HAVE A PS3??? YOU SUCK! It cant do Gears of War. It's an overpriced Blu-Ray player. PSN Sucks!" etc. etc.

Then maybe there wouldn't have been a "war"

starchild3673d ago

Sarcasm, what a load of crap.

What about all the hate the 360 got from all the PS3 fanboys before it even released? Even after it came out all we heard from the Sony fanboys was how the PS3 was going to be so much better and how the 360 games were not impressive looking (because they were comparing them to CGI videos of PS3 games).

A lot of the flack Sony got back then was not just from 360 fans. A lot of it came from Playstation fans and gamers in general who thought Sony was crazy to price the PS3 at $600 (and a few other missteps Sony made).

SL1M DADDY3673d ago

Many developers continue to fuel the war with exclusive content and limited exclusivity towards a single console. If they think it is so silly then one, make both games exactly the same and two, do not fall wayward to the exclusive trap. In the end, this would simply end the war since there would be nothing to talk about other than hardware differences and that argument would get old quickly.

LesterCorncrake3673d ago

i have owned both systems, 360 for 3 years then purchased a ps3...

Im not a fanboy but i would put money on the majority of people who own both systems preffereing their ps3's

the hate from 360 side comes from them not having a PS3 and the hate from the PS3 side comes from the sheer number of people who own only the 360 and believe it is gods love child which frustrates the PS3 owners who know they have the better machine and would love to have them onboard.

Imalwaysright3673d ago

And yet many claim that is Live that is full of little kids and the PS3 crowd is more mature. So just because 360 silly fanbabies trashed talked the PS3, PS3 fanboys are doing it too? I guess that if TheMart/PoG jumped down of a bridge you would do it too.

shlinka3673d ago

I would have to disagree LesterCorncrake. I have both systems and love my PS3 as an entertainment system, but prefer my Xbox 360 to game on. Like the controllers better too. I am more about gaming online and like LIVE much better. Of course this is just my opinion and not fanboyism since I do play both systems.

PS. I don't understand the craziness over uncharted 2. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but the graphics aren't what people are saying. It looks good but all they did was put some gloss on everything to make it shiny.

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swiftshot933673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I think its very interesting how 2k explained it in psychological terms. It makes a lot of sense. And just like it was said, this psychological perspective can be applied to other mediums as well, such as sports and books.

What Im trying to get across is that, its ok for there to be console wars. Why? Because it comes down to human thought and behavior. Its just us.

kaveti66163673d ago

But human behavior can change. I wouldn't excuse somebody for being an A-hole just because that's his natural personality.

The guy talked about "confirmation bias." Fanboys tend to cling to the data that makes their console look good while ignoring data that makes the other console look good or makes their console look bad.

That means that fanboys cannot have intelligent, thoughtful conversations because of their confirmation bias. Thus, they shouldn't even be blogging their opinions and passing them off as facts.

How many times have you seen a fanboy use this phrase: "Fact: X console is better than Y console"

They think their opinions are objective facts.

-Alpha3673d ago

The only reasons fanboys exist is because they are insecure of their own system and feel threatened and possibly jealous of the competition. Instead of embracing competition they desperately try to find anything they can to glorify their system and bash the opposition. And the concept is not old. What I personally find most surprising is that it's common for kids to be making these investigations-- simple people who rage on the internet. Whatever happened to just having fun?

RememberThe3573673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Agreed. I'd be a PS3 fanboy if Mass Effect 2 wasn't so freakin awesome!

@original post: I also found it interesting that they put it in psychological terms. But I didn't find it surprising in that Bioshock is a very psychological game, you'd expect those working on it to have an understanding of the subject.

Just just find it funny that Destructoid words it as though they are above the flame wars, when in fact they insight more than their fare share of them. They should ask 2K Marin about hypocrisy.

KingKiff3673d ago Show
swiftshot933673d ago

What Im saying is that there is nothing we can do about it. It exists because psychologically, its part of us. And its not just games, its other mediums as well.

Yes, human behavior can absolutely change. But in this case, that will only happen when all fanboys own all consoles. Which realistically isnt going to happen.

DaTruth3672d ago

"But human behavior can change. I wouldn't excuse somebody for being an A-hole just because that's his natural personality."

One dude with downs syndrome acting like an A-hole will change your mind!

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Handhelds_FTW3673d ago

Console wars are silly, but I think the attitude of X console/game is better than Y, has and will always be around.

With the mass growth of the internet, for what's worth everyone can now speak an anonymous opinion.

Its that anonymity along with no fear of repercussion that brings out the worst of people.

It wouldn't surprise if a large portion of what is said in gaming "debates" are done for the sole purpose of just having a confrontation with someone.

KILLERAPP3673d ago

When you can only buy one console you have tell yourself that the other game sucks or you will be very sad that you can't play it, but people take things way to seriously come on is just a game and a console...


But to say all the games exclusive to that system suck is very fanboy..

Solidus187-SCMilk3673d ago

those that are limited to one possibility are the most vocal on trying to convince others that their choice is the the right one.

Unfortunately, for console fanboys, that is an argument that cant be won as it will always be subjective and people have very different tastes.

The real mystery is who are the constant fanboys trying to convince? Themselves or the other fanboys?

taliesin3673d ago

I am not sure where your going with part of your comment? I am in a well paid job and can afford to purchase all the major console systems should i choose. However, i have chosen to buy the PS3 and i am very happy. I am not a fanboy i have made a decision, simple as that. I love the games on it and its other features but, i also have a blast on my nephews 360 when he visits and can see clearly why people love it so much. Your right however, it's just a console, make your choice and enjoy, lifes far to short to worry :-)

Solidus187-SCMilk3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

its when people chose only 1 and act like its the right choice for everyone taht they are retarded fanboys.

I hear ya as I could afford a wii, but would rather spend my money on 360/ps3, and the occasional PC, games.

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