Teletext: Army Of Two: The 40th Day Review

Teletext writes: "This might be EA's best-selling new franchise of recent years but it was with some relief that we found out its appeal was largely limited to the U.S.

According to the developer everyone else found the fist pumping and crass one-liners to be tasteless and silly.

All of that has been dialled down in this sequel, although that robs of it what little personality it did have."

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Marcus Fenix3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I just wish that EA would start an FPS or TPS tactical shooter franchise, something like Rainbow Six, they've already covered the grand scale military war in franchises like Battlefield and MOH, I also don't feel good about the "MW2's level action" in DS2, coz that'd ease the tension, much like what capcom did with RE5.

PoSTedUP3270d ago

i am enjoying this at the moment. its better than the first, costomization is redicilously awesome, the story is a bit one dementional but the co-op is sick and i cant wait for hord mode. im glad i didnt listen to reviews, and i refuse to anymore, im talking it old school when i didnt look at reviews and enjoyed every game i bought. AVP is next on my list, Gameinformer review: 5.75

Ronster3163270d ago

But thats not such a bad thing, i enjoyed the origional too.

It does lack the humour of the origional though.

PoSTedUP3270d ago

it does lack the humor but i think its better than the first with better graphics, better aiming, better camara angles, now the online is getting a bit better games, it is not region locked multiplayer anymore, they added moral choices also which is cool. idk i am having fun with it.

Ronster3163270d ago

Multiplayer not been region locked is a huge plus.

By the time i bought the origional no one was playing it online in europe :-(