It Takes One Game to Kill a Franchise

We all have game franchises we love so much that we don't care what others
think. Then there are games that the majority just agree shouldn't exist.
Sometimes it just takes one of these to kill our most beloved series.

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Hoffmann2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

It Takes One Game to Kill a Franchise

Street Fighter V and SoulCalibur V come to mind.

naruga2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

^^ i agree .....i also damn totally agree with Halo 2 ...if it wasnt the huge fanbase behind the first one and the huge potential of the franchise would be a dead IP ...HALO CE for me is still an unsurpassed FPS but HALO 2 completely trashed the series to below mediocrity quality levels...i also partly agree with MGS2 had ridiculously convoluted and gibberishy plot considering what masterpiece MGS1 was ...but it narrowly escaped...also RE 4 could be considered such type of game ...RE was doomed after that

darthv722377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Interesting that you would pick Halo 2 over 4 or 5. I have yet to play 5 but as for the other 4, not one of them has disappointed me in terms of story or play mechanics. Halo 1 is a classic and 2 improved on everything while being a cliffhanger and then 3 having the dual story lines was a nice way to bring things to a close (of that trilogy).

4 was an interesting take on trying to create a new story where it had initially ended. The demand of knowing what was going to happen next for MC was what prompted them to come up with the new trilogy. I hope 6 will bring all things to a proper close... for now.

2377d ago
BrianOBlivion2377d ago

Halo 2 was better than 1 in every way.

MoveTheGlow2377d ago

Dang it, fighting games. Get your single-player content together.

blackblades2377d ago

More like it takes one guy or team to kill a franchise. Its not the game fault it's the person behide it. Same with movies.

xtheblackparade2377d ago

True, and it depends on what the devs learn from the experience whether or not the franchise can make a comeback. Or even make it's first "comeback". Like with Nier. Nobody cared about the first one, but it's hype all around for the sequel :p

StormLegend2377d ago

This is very true, many franchises have dealt with this.

SaveFerris2377d ago

Sometimes a game can kill a franchise even before it starts, if it doesn't perform as well as expected. The Order 1886 is an example of this.

USMC_POLICE2377d ago

That universe though, I hope it gets a great sequel.

SaveFerris2377d ago

Yeah. I hope Sony will one day look to revive it.

akurtz2377d ago

it cant be dead if there wasnt news about the franchise beijg cancelled

USMC_POLICE2377d ago

I want to say socom with socom 4 as it was by far the worst but confrontation had its issues also. However compared to socom 4 confrontation was amazing. Still not socom 2 but it worked.

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The story is too old to be commented.