Examiner: BioShock 2 Interview: Q & A with the developers

Examiner writes: "I had the pleasure of joining in on an interview conference with some of those responsible for reviving the gorgeous and intriguing city of Rature for the BioShock sequel. There have been so many questions circulating about BioShock 2 from fans and from those who have never played the first BioShock. What is the game about? Why is there a sequel on this closed chapter? What is involved in the multiplayer? Those questions are answered, plus more information on the upcoming title is revealed.

We sat down with 2K Marin's Creative Director, Jordan Thomas, Lead Designer, Zak McClendon and Lead Environment Artist, Hogarth De La Plante. The MP Art Director, Mat Tremblay and MP Lead Programmer, Jesse Attard from Digital Extremes, were present, as well, to answer questions on the multiplayer aspect of BioShock 2."

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