Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Maps

Bad Company 2 will feature plenty of maps right out of the box. 8 Rush maps have been confirmed by DICE Lead Exec. David Goldfarb. So far, we know about 10 maps in total. 2 of these maps could be conquest only maps, while the other 8 are full fledged rush maps. In Bad Company 1, we saw existing Rush maps converted into "Conquest" maps and available later on via DLC. This time around, "Conquest" will be available right out of the box, as well as competitive game-mode, "Squad Deathmatch." Below are all of the confirmed maps we have until Launch Day.

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Aggesan4861d ago

"In Bad Company 1, we saw existing Rush maps converted into “Conquest” maps and available later on via DLC."

Well, actually four of them were locations taken from the singleplayer part of the game that had not yet been made into maps even for Gold Rush. Just saying...

SilentNegotiator4861d ago

Either way, the first game lacked in MP maps. They BETTER give us a lot to start with this time.

kratos1234861d ago

lol cant you read there already 9 maps that are confirmd and thats alot if you ask me and there will be a lot of dlc i just cant wait fore this

willie324860d ago

all game companies would create at least 20 MP maps when a game is released. There should be a standard set by the industry.

jjohan354860d ago

I have no idea why DICE keeps pushing for Rush mode/maps. Conquest has always been more popular on their battlefield games and that's what I want, CONQUEST MAPS.

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Wii360BeatsPS34861d ago

I want to buy this, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2. All before Gof of war 3 release. Bioshock 2 may have to wait for a price drop.

1233604861d ago

after the demo,its a no buy this will be the first time i don,t get BBC i,m sticking with mag.

PinkUni4861d ago

after seeing the battlefield moments ep1 way back and then watching the single player with the huge draw distance i was thinking, man this is a must buy

and during the demo i was like, wow this game is great, bullets are affected by gravity, and the sounds are so great

but then the gameplay started getting boring, and the graphics just didnt look as good as i was expecting them to look

when i played mag, its almost a different game every time, because of the amount of people that are playing creates almost an extreme sort of randomness where you dont know how long its going to take to get something done, and the fact of having the platoon leaders and such makes me want to use my mic

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4861d ago

I can see where your coming from but i disagree with MAG being better. Its bigger and there can be more going on at once, but when i played it i didnt find it as fun as the BFBC beta. The graphics aren't amazing on MAG, which is understandable considering the 256 player maps, and IMO the gameplay isnt as good as in BFBC2.

Then again theres one thing we can all agree on BFBC2>MW2

Throwaway20204861d ago

Although I was definitely let down by the graphics since they were compared to uncharted's. Unless they meant the single-player, but we don't have a demo to judge, for that.

frankymv4861d ago

I hope the final MP version looks better than the demo out now though.

Ghostsmoker4861d ago

can't wait! It's been a long time since a was hyped for a game that much.

dredgewalker4861d ago

I enjoyed the demo, its fun to ride in a tank and blast buildings to pieces. Its refreshing to see the terrain change when everyone goes all out and i think i will enjoy the full version more.

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