Aliens Vs. Predator MP Demo Hands On Impressions via Platform Nation

Andrew Hunt of Platform Nation: The demo is multiplayer only so no singleplayer missions here. It only has one game mode but in the full game there are several game modes. The mode you get too play is Deathmatch where you are against everyone and vice versa. It took awhile to find a lobby but I guess that was just because when I was playing not many people had downloaded the demo. You don't have the option to choose which character you want it's just a random process whenever you find a lobby. Every character has different outfits or as they are called in the game Skins, all the Skins are locked and can only be unlocked in the full game. There is only one map in the demo called Refinery, which is like an underground bunker, full of hiding places and very dark. Below is my impressions on the characters.

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Hellsvacancy3181d ago

Its crap, i cant even connect 2-a game

kenpachi3181d ago

i can't connect either they should have just given us a single player demo instead

Hellsvacancy3181d ago

Id rather of had a single player demo anyway mate - whos gonna pass up on Battlefield 2 4-this anyway?

AvP will b good but i know wot im still gonna b playin in 6-months time

Mista T3181d ago

I played an online match, it's borderline bad to average

IrishAssa3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I played for a while it gets better as you get used to it I own with all species now(Plama caster owns), you won't like it at first because its so differant and remember this is the game at its worst, annoying map and Deatmatch doesn't suit it, it shouldn't be in the game

Edit-- I played on 360, im gonna download it for Ps3 now, consoles are in differant rooms and that is why I want it for both
Im getting it aswell now ,im preordering because I like it so much after paying it for a while.

I would also get it on pc but my power supply died and I need a new for my Geforce 8800gtx to work

Obama3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Only 8 players in the demo, and everyone is fighting over being the predator. (only 2 can be predator in a game) Humans often camp in the corner, while aliens roam around non stop and predators are trying to find the over powered gadgets. I basically summed up the whole demo experience.