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MAG doesn't do anything to make you feel like a super-soldier; here, you're part of a grander unit, a small cog in a machine that can afford to lose the occasional part... and you'd better not forget it. Fighting battles on a scale of anywhere between 64 to 256 players means that victory's not about the individual, but how the army functions as a whole. When a good command structure is in place, and you're playing with a team that generally looks out for one another, then MAG is a great alternative for those burnt out on Modern Warfare 2's brand of soldering. But when things fall apart, MAG becomes a chaotic frag-fest -- a large scale team deathmatch where soldiers are dying en masse, and anyone alive on the losing side is simply trying to score a few points to hopefully level up before the end.

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THE MAX SPEED 213178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

average game. hence the meta and the score.

spunnups3178d ago

how would you know if you never played it

raztad3177d ago

He is just trolling and talking out of his ass.

callahan093177d ago

I got to say, there is really nothing average about MAG. It's not average in the slightest. It's got massive and really detailed maps, it's got a huge variety of unique objectives and secondary objectives, it's got deep skill trees, and its entire flavor and presentation is beyond anything that's ever been attempted. It may or may not be a game that all shooter fans can appreciate, but that doesn't mean it's average. Average is definitely not an applicable word for this game.

NinjaAssassin3177d ago

yes ps3 boys, tell us how not average MAG is and how it is really the most amazing shooter ever. all the reviewers must be wrong and the only people that know the truth are a handful of diehard ps3 fanboys who think they are fighting for their beloved console's honor. sorry, i played the beta and i can tell by the reviews that not much has changed.

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D4RkNIKON3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Yeah MAG is average.. It is just like every other 256 multiplayer console game. :rolls eyes:

To every one who rips on this game - How about you play it first lol! It is a team based game that requires cooperation. If that's not your thing then fine, play some mindless run and gun COD.

Guido3177d ago

When there is a game that supports 256 players in a single match on the 360 theny ou can talk. otherwise, STFU and GTFO.

I don't even like MAG but can attest to it being an innovative game for consoles and a start to Sony making some online games that will rival the PC.

Aquanox3177d ago

It's 2007 all over again. In no time, all reviewers will be sold to Microsoft, they will become PS3 hat3rs and of course, they all will be wrong. Only Ps3 boys hold the truth about this game's and WKS awesomeness.

bjornbear3177d ago

bungie did it, now all 360 fans are following suit...

so unoriginal and boring...and not half as funny as bangie sorry to say =/ fail...

still nice try max speed, but you'll never make the same impact, just give up =(

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Gue13178d ago

Gamespy it's a subsidiary site from IGN, both of them are equally worthless. Just look at their latest article about "Mass Effect vs Uncharted" for further confirmation of their IGNorance.

unrealgamer583177d ago

and you played the beta

p.s that's youre cue to run over to you're friends house and put a piece of paper with youre name on it next to “you're” ps3 and mag. lol

seifer0853177d ago

360 fanboys spend all their time on n4g. i thought ME2 was so damn good but they spend all their time here. Weird, Mag looks cool IMO. ME2 well I'll see if a ps3 version is announced to rent it.

NinjaAssassin3177d ago

ha ha ha there are still far more ps3 boys on this site and every site. gametrailers, n4g, gamespot, youtube, you name it. there are always far far more ps3 fanboys trolling and hating on anything that doesn't have sony in front of its name.

seifer0853177d ago

Here we are on a ps3 topic and you guys come here to troll. Nice go listen to rebel fm or co-op for more trolling details.

thereapersson3177d ago

I love how one side thinks that there is more of the other to hate against.

Grow the f*ck up

Sonyslave33177d ago

Flop only possible on the ps3 son of a MAG.

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ryano232773177d ago

HALO WARS got a 4.5/5
HALO 3 5/5
Halo 2 5/5

& then


I guess I've found the review site that knows games.

Bookmarking gamespy right now, LMAO

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