Dante's Inferno Full Client Leaked on Torrent

Yet again the xbox version of Dante's Inferno can be downloaded via torrents a full week before official release, it begs the question.. what is happening in the Microsoft camp?

This follows a string of recent multi platform games which have been leaked for xbox before any other medium.

The good news is that reviews from "early" players and media sources are very good, with the game receiving higher than expected ratings and comments, looks like it will definitely be worth trying out, even if its just a stop gap till the release of God Of War 3 on the 16th of March.

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Prototype3181d ago

Why am I not surprised...

raztad3181d ago

Good the xbox fanbase is digging DI. Game is a faithful copy of GoW1&2 but the story. Finally non-PS gamers can enjoy Kratos-like action. Have fun.

Letros3181d ago

You're basically advertising piracy

solidworm3181d ago

about 5 million pirates bought a 360.............