Getting To Know Your Developers - Republic of Fun

Republic of Fun is a game developer you should definitely get to know, if you haven't already heard about them. Their games are available on various platforms, including the iPhone, Wii and PC. Republic of Fun recently released the iPhone and iPod touch game, Slug Wars. Republic of Fun is also responsible for the addictive Tiki Towers, available on the iPhone and WiiWare. They have a vision (and Manifesto) that sees the gamer, and game creator, in everyone. Seeing no boundaries between labels such as "hardcore" and "casual" gamers, Republic of Fun is on a mission for creating games with fun in mind.

Read the GamingBits interview here with Mike Rasmussen, President of Republic of Fun, and Rett Crocker, Lead Game Developer, for some insight on their experience, how pricing can shift how games are received, the importance of "crowd-sourcing," and what Republic of Fun is planning on next.

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