GameVortex: Tiki Towers Review

GameVortex writes: "The irony of Tiki Towers is that it's great fun to play, under a completely different umbrella than you'd expect from your initial impression. Many folks that don't afford themselves a try-before-buy will be disappointed by the level of challenge in Tiki Towers, thinking of it as some kind of kooky casual game where monkeys climb around on platforms to avoid enemies. Taken for what it is, Tiki Towers delivers the goods, and has more than its share of smart, intuitive controls and gameplay. The option to play with a friend is brilliant, even if it relegates the "other guy" to casting magic. Players looking for something in the realm of Lemmings, combined with a RTS-lite experience, will be thrilled with Tiki Towers, but that's a far slimmer demographic than the typical casual gaming profile. Caveat emptor, and don't say I didn't tell 'ya so!"

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