GameVortex: Tiki Towers Review


"Speaking of bananas, another key element that is not introduced immediately in the game is the fact that bananas will "stick" to the towers. That is to say, if you build a structure and part of it touches a banana, if the structure moves or collapses, that banana will go with it. This is very useful when the player is trying to manipulate the path of the monkeys or makes sure that they can reach all of the bananas. A method that I used frequently is something I call "out on a limb." When building structures, you will need a minimum of two bamboo sticks to create a section (a single stick can be placed as support between two already existing coconuts, if it will reach). Sometimes you want to build a section to attach a banana to the structure, but you do not have two sticks to spare. One way to accomplish this is to build the extension using two sticks, then remove one of the sticks for use elsewhere, leaving the one limb sticking out attached to the banana. It will swing like a swivel when the action phase begins, with banana in tow. This trick also comes in handy when you want to use a single stick as a support beam or to add a little extra weight on one side of a structure.

All in all, this is a very fun and entertaining game and, at a price of 99 cents at the time of this review, a simply unbeatable deal from the iTunes App Store."

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