Alan Wake 2? 'Wait and see', says Microsoft

Microsoft has told CVG to "wait and see" if it's got a future Alan Wake sequel up its sleeve - as it calls the upcoming game "something you've never experienced before".

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Alcon Caper4871d ago

What about Alan Wake 3? 4? 5? 6789101112

The Meerkat4871d ago

They will probably all be released before GT5

D4RkNIKON4871d ago

LMAO hahaha I love how you pretend that Alan Wake hasn't been delayed repeatedly. nice comment man

D4RkNIKON4871d ago

It is supposed to be episodes or chapters so I would imagine there will be more.

AnttiApina4871d ago

Alan Wake and GT 5 are not delayed. Both games had a same release date a few years ago: When it's done.

Alan Wake has not been delayed, it is just the shop manufacters that create the release dates from their creative heads.

Alan Wake 2? Really? So soon? Well, if the game is good... then why not?

qface644871d ago

alan wake 2? how about we wait and see for the first one to get released first o_O

ZombieNinjaPanda4871d ago


What about Alan Wake 1? We still have yet to see that released..

We should really wait for a game to come out before hoping for a sequel.

Bnet3434871d ago

If it sells a million and gets good reviews, we'll see a sequel.

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MetalGearRising4871d ago

Don't need to worry Microsoft the Sales will be enormous for u not to take into account. there will be Alan Wake 2 and that's a guarantee.

W831SOLIDSNAKE4871d ago

Why don't u warrantie that's BreakBox for another 10 years, Alan Fake is garbage the only thing ull be seeing is RROD, scratched discs, and crap gameplay. Now God Of War 3 is the real deal whait and see how it crushes Alan Crap.

Dumb Bot

Nathan Drake24871d ago

alan wake 2 in 2015?i hope it doesn't flop like too human forever.

ClownBelt4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

From watching the trailers and gameplay, I think it's kinda similar to Silent Hill not that it's a bad thing or anything.

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