Lair: Extended Battle Trailer brings you an extended battle trailer of the PS3 exclusive, Lair.


As it turns out, the trailer has been available at the PlayStation Store for quite some time now. But to those that haven't seen it yet, it's pretty cool.

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fenderputty5578d ago

Ummmm .... this is the trailer that's been on the Playstation store for quite some time now.


This trailer is old. I have the trailer downloaded from the PS Store since launch. GT called this new? I wonder why...

Phantom_Lee5578d ago

maybe its new to Japan? or outside NA?
who knows...

Violater5578d ago

the game as we have seen so far doesn't look anywhere near as good as this trailer.

zantetsuken5578d ago

Watch both trailers. This one actually does have extra footage.

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The story is too old to be commented.