CVG Interview: MAG: Massive Action Game

CVG: Sony's MAG is one of the most anticipated shooters of the year - not least for its promise to house 256 players online in a single map.

We caught up with Nate Klee, lead programmer from developer Zipper, to find out just how bulletproof that concept is...

CVG: Do you think MAG or a game like it could be done on another console?
NK: The SPUs on the PS3 allow us to animate and render and do the ray casts and physics processing and all the things that have to happen for all these different players so we definitely couldn't have done it without that. It was a big help.

CVG: So would it be possible on 360?
NK: We couldn't take our code base and make it run on 360. There's no way that would work.

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Nineball21123401d ago

It couldn't be done on the 360 because of the architecture or because of the code?

Or both?

Someone explain it to a non-programming guy. :D

Dance3401d ago

Of course he's going to say it's not possible on the 360 just like the rest of Sony's inhouse developers

Nineball21123401d ago

I hear you, but just because he's an in-house developer doesn't mean that what he is saying isn't true.

I was just wondering if he was saying it's the code they wrote that wouldn't work on the 360 because of the PS3 architecture.

However, I suppose that doesn't mean that they couldn't re-write code that would work for the 360.

*shrug* I dunno...

solidworm3401d ago

Gears2 couldnt manage 5 on 5 without game destroying lag so,.......

Pennywise3401d ago

People can't accept that... but it is true.

Dance3401d ago

But games like Frontlines Fuels Of War ar capable 50 on a map

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