The Simpsons making fun of German censorship

The Simpsons making fun of German censorship in The Simpsons: The Game. In one level the player runs through a game-production-place - instead of red blood the player can find a large container with "ACHTUNG BLUT" on it and a green liquid in it. ACHTUNG BLUT means ATTENTION BLOOD. It's a funny gag about the censorship and the green blood in German games. The source shows the whole screenshot.

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riksweeney3189d ago

The Simpsons: 20 years worth of shows and only 5 years actually worth watching.

elcompa4253189d ago

is an absolutely absurd statement. But to each his own....

DavidMacDougall3189d ago

Yeah they stopped being funny awhile ago.

W-k3189d ago

The Simpsons rule!!

ambientFLIER3189d ago

He's right, though. This show stopped being funny quite a few seasons ago. There's a decent episode here and there, but come on, it's really getting stale.

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meatnormous3189d ago

I wish Konami would re release the Simpsons arcade game. It was so fun in the day.

Kakihara3189d ago

German games don't actually contain green blood because of censorship. Germans actually have green blood. This green blood is also quite a corrosive acid and can be very dangerous if not properly contained. The more you know.

andron3189d ago

Sure green blood is better than red??