Spong Interviews: Zipper Interactive: Phil Knowles

Spong writes: "I didn't mind though, because this was a special Sony showcase of MAG, in which journalists from the UK, Europe and even America were invited to participate in a huge online tournament, held in a University on Baker Street. You might have seen updates of the kind on Twitter Wednesday (#MAG256) – 128 writers simultaneously signing a digital deathwish, as we took on 128 members of Zipper Interactive staff overseas in a 256-player battle royale.

For those who hadn't tried the Beta (i.e. me), playing the game felt like Killzone 2 crossed with elements of Black, and it was pretty fun for a few rounds if you ask me. Customising your foot soldier in different gear meant you could change your strategy upon respawn – one minute you're mowing people down with an assault rifle, then if you get killed you could swap to an equipment kit that included a rocket launcher and repair kit. These 'Loadouts' were the key to maintaining a good offensive-defensive position."

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