NGamer Review: Manhunt 2 for Wii (Article Excerpts)

[NGamer] can't help but be slightly taken aback by [Manhunt 2's] appearance on a Nintendo console. Not surprised, and certainly not shocked, but perhaps a little - excited? - to see the bright white Wii menu fade into the darkness of what is indisputably the most gruesome videogame [NGamer has] ever played on any platform.

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PS360WII4733d ago

brutal nice. You get to feel more into the game with the motion controlls they say. Should be intresting how Wii owners react to this game

Torch4733d ago

and wait for Super Mario Manhunt!

It's been a long time coming, to finally be able to see some blood and guts spilling out of those pesky turtles!

I think it's due to be released some time late next year, isn't it?...shortly after Zelda: The Taoru Village Massacre! ;)

emptiness4733d ago

i think i'll pass on this one...there's enough violence in the world already. i don't need to reenact any for "fun".

Torch4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

But I suppose it's no different than watching a slasher horror flick, a gladiator movie, attending boxing/UFC match, or even watching CNN.

It's in us to be curious about, and attracted to, violence. Admittedly, I'm guilty of being one of them. However, the last thing I'd EVER want to do is emotionally or physically hurt anyone without merit, or actually be on the receiving end of such a situation.

I'm speaking in general terms, of course...there are a always exceptions to the rule (likely such as yourself.)

ItsDubC4733d ago

Other games make murder easy and thoughtless. Running someone over in GTA is commonplace, but it is still murder. Shooting others to kill them is the whole point of most FPSs, but the murderous activity is downplayed and yet it is still murder. The difference with this game is that more thought and detail is put into the action of killing. There are bad sides to all forms of murderous portrayal.

emptiness4733d ago

@Torch why would you even say something like that? i'm an exception? so you have no problem with hurting me emotionally or physically? i can't believe you said that. you're seriously cruel.

@ItsDubC yes running over people in cars is murder too but manhunt2 for the wii involves a less detached form of murder. this is one of the reasons why BBFC or whatever didn't put a rating on it.

Torch4733d ago

No! No!..Oh boy, talk about misunderstandings!...

I'm sorry, but what I meant was that you may be the exception to the general majority's acceptance/desire for violence...NOT that I wanted to hurt you.

Rereading my comment, I can see how you interpreted it the way you did. Again, sorry, but rest assured that my reference to you had absolutely no malicious intentions whatsoever!...If anything, please take it as a compliment.

emptiness4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

oh ok, i apologize for misreading your intentions... thank you for clarifying because that really made me feel like crap...

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ITR4733d ago

I'll have to buy this game when it hits!

Bathyj4733d ago

Great, the Wii finally gets a good game besides Zelda and I'll probably never get to play it. Shazbutt.

Torch4733d ago

You can't just buy it internationally (i.e., Ebay) and have it shipped to you?

I'm not immediately familiar with your region codes, but there must be a source somewhere, no?

ItsDubC4733d ago

"executions are much more physical with the Wii controls, and we found we felt more immersed in the game world in general thanks to them."

This is one of the reasons I bought a Wii - more immersive gaming.

I really hope the UK reconsiders the ban of this game. What's the use of the rating system on the front cover if games that are of a certain rating will be banned? Perhaps the rating system needs to be re-evaluated to include more specific rating levels?

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