5 Rockstar Games That Need Another Chance

Rockstar Games are notorious for a select few games - but little do people know they actually have a wide selection of video game series other than Grand Theft Auto, L.A. Noire and Red Dead. This list is for 5 Rockstar Games titles that need another chance, whether that's through a reboot, remaster, or even a sequel.

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ArchangelMike1102d ago

Manhunt. Definitely Manhunt. That game was a cult classic.

Unfortunately, if Rockstar released Manhunt with today's graphics technology it would be the equivalent of a snuff movie, an the media hate would bury the game. Heck I can't remember how many countries it was banned in. I know Manhunt 2 got banned in so many countries Rockstar had to censor the game to the point it became something else. But yeah I would love a remake of Manhunt.

Personally I loved Max Payne 3, I'd love to see a remaster of that for next gen consoles as well.

SickSinceSix1100d ago

The original was banned in my country but I got to buy it digitally for PS3 from a US PSN account last gen. Using a fibrewire to decapitate an enemy, then throwing their head as a distraction was pretty funny.

PhoenixUp1101d ago

Rockstar doesn’t make a lot of new games anymore

Donnie811100d ago

I miss the days when rockstar put out several different types of games.

BQ321100d ago

Table Tennis, VR edition would be dope. That game was super fun.

D3TH_D33LR1100d ago

I hope they rerelease Max Payne 3 on current consoles. It’s still one of my favorite 3rd person shooters and I’d love to get back into some slomo action online again

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