DICE 'scared' of the competition

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 developer DICE has said that it is "scared of the competition" within the online FPS field, but that the company is "comfortable in what (it is) building".

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ryuzu3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

It's a big enough gap to MW2 so people will be bored and looking for the next big thing.

The risk to BF is in fact probably what DICE call it's strength - they have lots of vehicles. While vehicles can be fun, in every BF game I've played to date, there are the same list of problems

1) people queue for vehicles, and TK those who beat them to it
2) The vehicles are too easy to operate compared to the infantry play, so as infantry you can be at a big disadvantage particularly to aircraft - that is no fun for the inf.
3) BF games have impressive scale with 64 players, but they don't really force those players towards an objective - something MAG does well. Most BF2 casual play is just lone wolfing or sometimes 2 or 3 guys working together but there's little proper team working unless it's clan v clan.

Whether BFBC2 will improve on these I don't know. The beta on PS3 was fun, but still suffered from some of these problems. We'll see how things look on the PC later this week.