IGN: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Hands-on

IGN writes: "It's not for us to pit Battlefield: Bad Company 2 against Modern Warfare 2 – thankfully that contentious task has already been taken up by John Riccitiello, EA's outspoken CEO making no bones about the fact that DICE's sequel to 2008's gung-ho shooter has Infinity Ward's showstopper in its sights. And Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is certainly shaping up to be a contender: this takes the destructible sandbox of the first Bad Company and polishes it into something that's got the potential to rise to the top of the class of 2010.

At its heart, Battlefield: Bad Company 2's a first-person shooter that paints its chaos with vehicles, destructible buildings thrown into a sandbox and a campaign that's told with a disarmingly charming gusto in single-player while the multiplayer shows the expertise that DICE has acquired in its many years plying the trade. It's a formula that was introduced in 2008 with the first Bad Company, and it's a formula that's not far removed from the blueprint that's been such a force on the PC since Battlefield 1942 proved such a hit in 2002."

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