Is MAG Doomed For Failure?

Ironstarmovement writes: "Before we indulge with details, I would like to say I hate Sony's last minute marketing for their gaming exclusives."

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ActionBastard3188d ago

I think MAG is going to surprise a lot of haters. It's a completely different experience than MW2, yet I think MW2 PS3 owners will buy this. I know I will.

MyBlasterRunsHot3188d ago

I agree with you 100% but also agree with the article's point of MAGs late and almost non-existent marketing.

captain-obvious3188d ago

i don't care im getting this game this week end
the game is in my friends store right now
but i need some cash + i need to finish ME2 too first

MyBlasterRunsHot3188d ago

I need ME2 as well but I can't afford it sadly

kaveti66163188d ago

When is it being released?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3188d ago

I found the beta to be extremely mediocre, so I will be very surprised if this game does well.

There are just too many great games available to play a game like MAG, in my opinion.

davekaos3188d ago

I really hope not!!
I could see the warhawk community getting into mag or atleast i hope so

Keith Olbermann3188d ago

Im getting it day one. It will have a strong user base that will stick with it for a long while. If they mean selling less than MW numbers or BBC2 numbers equals fail then yes it might but MAG dosnt have to sell millions of copies to be successful.
PSN ID: lpguycu
Add me to friends if your gonna play the hell out of this game like I am. :)

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3188d ago

I think a small core might stay with it, but I really can't see it having any type of mass appeal.

Megaton3188d ago

They're not marketing it at all. I haven't seen a single commercial. Seen tons for Mass Effect 2, Army of Two: 40th Day, and Bayonetta, but not a single one for MAG.

morganfell3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

MAG has a draw. Even to the haters. Watch how many post repeatedly in this thread...ooops, first hate case already.

360degrees3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

In terms of sales it will not break any records, or even come close to their projected numbers as it always seems to come down to poor advertising, and Sony's constant method of backing games with....uh...lets describe them as having an "Acquired" taste. By that I mean some people will hate it, and a few will love it, with the average person giving it a huge Meh overall. For those future diehard fans, of course it will always be a success in their eyes, but according to the money market and average consumer, yes it will fail. Please go ahead and re-read this comment again in two months and see how true it holds.

SilentNegotiator3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I'm LITERALLY watching a MAG commercial right now.

LOL, poor Kevin Butler, people are trying to steal his job.

LOL, butthurt disagrees. I'm sorry I disrupted your delusion that SONY IS TEH WORSS MARKTIN EVAR!!

jwatt3188d ago

I'm very impressed with the quality of Sony's First party titles but MAG was dissapointing imo. I really hope the game does well but I can't see it doing so well.

Saaking3188d ago

The beta was good, just not for me. I'm gonna get ME2 so MAG will have to wait a while.

WildArmed3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I hope it does very well.
While I'll be skipping MAG unfortunately, I blame Bioware.
But I do hope it does well.. it's not for me.. But looks very promising.
I'd love to see where we go from MAG as Zipper works around to it's sequel or new updates.

I'm more of a gamer that loves small battles.. co-op and top of my list, single player experience. (hence uncharted 2 tops my list).
I will be getting BC2 for my FPS cravings (last FPS i bought was in Feb 09).. since my brother loves the MP and I love the story

Darkstorn3188d ago

The MAG beta simply didn't impress me that much. I appreciated how it differentiated itself from MW2, but I greatly preferred the Battlefield: BC2 beta to that of MAG.
That being said, MAG is the underdog, and I'd like to see it perform well.

Megaton3188d ago

I think MAG is the perfect game to bundle with consoles, and also the perfect game to get Warhawk's pricing ($60 w/headset, $40 download). Unfortunately, Sony disagrees, and the game will likely be passed up by many.

kneon3188d ago

Given that there were 230k pre-orders last week we can expect at least 300k the first week. And that's with little to no advertising. I expect they will probably ramp thing up for the superbowl.

FrankenLife3188d ago

I buy it right after I finish WKC and ME2. I love the game, but I spent enough time recently in FPS. I need get some RPG time in.

Tony P3188d ago

"Doomed to fail". Ugh. No.

Odd? Maybe?

I feel like I've heard more about Heavy Rain than this. But that's only odd because I'm used to seeing shooters get all the press and everything else get the back shelf.

But it's an FPS with MP so I'm pretty sure it won't be hurting for attention.

Chubear3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Dude A: "Don't know, played the beta but I was kinda unimpressed. Didn't really seem like 256 battle just small portions of a battle"

MAG gamer: "Did you get to lvl 10 in the beta?"

Dude A: ".. why? What happens at lvl 10?"

Seems a vast majority of people that played the beta and were'nt too impressed (those that ACTUALLY did play the beta and didn't like it) only played Sabo maps and thought that's what MAG was about.

MAG is Massive and the developers need to have players easy into the game to understand what's going on or you'll be totally confused and fraustrated later on in the game like many were during closed beta when thrown into Acquisition or Domination.

This is how you're broken into MAG:

You first play Suppression: This is to give you a familarity with the shooting mechanics and how that usually works.

Then you get to a certain lvl and you'll unlock Sabotage: This is an easier mode to help you understand the basics of defending and attacking.

Then after a short while Acquisition is unlocked: This is a full on intense battle were everything you learnt from suppression & Sabo are put to the test cause now you're attacking or defending multiple locations.

... Then the Grand Papa is unlock - 128v128 insanity. This is the big show. You grab your gonads and bring your A game from what you learnt in Acquisition cause you're going to need it.

Acquisition & Domination is where you understand you need ALL classes to win. If you have a whole platoon of just rambo guys, they'll get slaughtered pretty fast. Medic, Engineers, Snipers, Assault guys all have to work together to win.

This is the first TRUE tactical FPS online game there's been on consoles. To miss out on this cause of a couple of minutes playing a beta of sabo would be insanity for a FPS fan.

dustgavin3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

As long as it is better than Section 8 it should do alright. Remember that stinker that just came out 4 months ago?

STK0263188d ago

a lack of advertising is something most of Sony's first party title are suffering from. But I do think that a game like MAG will be heavily affected by this. A single player game can only sell one copy, and while it will be a financial disaster, the game can still be extremely good. However, a game like MAG, which is meant to be played with 255 other players, has no single player to speak of and is powered by a system like the shadow war, needs way more active players to "stay alive".

MAG being an FPS, and 2010 being packed with plenty of games of all kind, you can't really expect MAG to sell "well" for a long time after its release.

I really think MAG has a lot of potential and really could be a great game, I'll actually be getting it myself, however, I do fear it could quickly turn into something similar to a low-populated MMO, and suffer a slow and painful death. And, worse, I can't seem to understand why Sony is not backing MAG more, considering it is developed by Zipper, a developer known for its amazing work on the Socom franchise.

I would also add that, unlike GT5 and GoW3, which are games with a huge following, great feedbacks in the previews and are sure to sell millions very quickly, MAG is a new franchise, beta testers are divided and previews on websites like IGN are saying the game's good, but has some potential problems. That's really the kind of game a publisher should "artificially" hype with marketing, since word of mouth isn't all that positive, in order to get more people in the game at launch. Remember, an online only game is only worth as much as its community.

yesah3188d ago

it should be released later.

FACTUAL evidence3188d ago

Action i agree with you, but i honestly think within 6 months this game will sell 200k copies.....honestly, the thing that's holding mag back is the lack of single player for me. If it wasn't online only then I'd be all over this. People can disagree all they want, but it's not going to do well...not saying it is going to be a bad game, the beta was fantastic, but we all know how this is going to turn out.

Viper73188d ago

I tought the beta was quite nice, nothing revolutionary (well there's really nothing revolutionary in COD:MF2 either), and it has its flaws.
But it was pretty solid game.

Hopefully it will award team play more than it did in the beta, as it was pretty chaotic sometimes.

Pillage053188d ago

Doomed? I doubt it. I also don't see it becoming a huge success though either. It will likely capture a smaller but devoted group of gamers. I can see a lot of socom fans migrating to MAG.

FelicityOldGamer3188d ago

I will buy it!


But I think that´s missing some ads!

PS: I am sorry for some problems with my english... it´s because I am a brazilian gamer , and my english it´s a little rusty.

paul03883188d ago

Bad games usually fail so I wouldn't be surprised if MAG crashed & burned... The beta was HORRIBLE

SPACEBALL 13188d ago

you people sayin MAG will succeed are doing nothing but lying to yourself.... MAG is a good idea, but its just not executed well at all. oh yeah... ITS BORING!!!!

TheDeadMetalhead3188d ago

Oh look, it's THIS article again.

Anon19743188d ago

When does anyone advertise a game you can't buy yet? The guy even mentions that Sony usually starts advertising on everyone else, but for some reason that's seen as a problem here? MAG's got a TV spot right now.

Even Halo 3, which had one of the biggest marketing campaigns video games had ever seen only started running TV spots a week and a half before release.

Does this guy really want to see TV advertising for games a month in advance? This article FAILS.

Dtoxz3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I tried to like it. MW2 even WITH glitches is WAAAYYYY better. It's just fun. MAG does feel mediocre. They should have made this a SOCOM game or at least 3rd person. It feels like SOCOM in first person. Feels almost last gen.

256 people fighting at once feels awesome though!

IMO I'm sure it will have its fair share of fans. Yes, most of the Warhawk crowd I bet! Lol. I don't think it's doomed, but I don't think it will sell REALLY well though.

Here's hoping.

Dread3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I really hope the game does well, and it probably will do good enough when everything is all said and done. However, I think being able to keep those servers full all the time is going to be a difficult task. Even KZ2 and UC2, the purported "best games" of all times, according to the majority of sony fanboys in n4g, have not managed to keep the milti-player servers full. And those games are not designed for 250 players.

On a different note, I never played the MAG beta, but i always wondered what happens if the game does not reach the player limit. Are there specific games designed for smaller groups, or are the maps solely designed for 250 players? Do you have to wait until the 250 players sign in, or does the game begin with fewer players? how many maps r there in total? also, do the sony fans feel that paying 60 for a milti only game is worth it. Or do you only think it is a rip off when MS does it?


FragGen3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I've pre-ordered it based on playing the beta, and IMHO, it's far too excellent and deep to be a really _amazing_ seller.

To be a true mega-hit, with a few rare exceptions, it seems like you gotta be dumbed down a bit in your gameplay mechanics (look at the top selling console/games) most people do not want to sign in for a 60 minute minimum session game. Most people do not want to play a game for two to three weeks before they really even fully grok it's entire scope/mechanics. They want to "pretend bowl" or "pretend to play guitar" for 10 minutes here and there.

I just hope its successful enough that the community will thrive for a long time and the servers will be maintained, etc. I think Zipper was smart to try to get some MMO type elements going, games like WoW are an exception to the dumb down rule and may be MAGs best chance for after launch momentum building. Zipper seems like they understand this is a long term commitment.

It'd be AWESOME to see MAG go off the charts and break the "dumb masses" rule.... but even if it doesn't I'll be satisified if I can still find players in a year, I have not been this psyched for a specific game launch in years.

FragGen3188d ago

@Chubear 1.22: Brilliant post, man.

All you 'tards saying "I played the beta! Meh!" and are dismissing it as boring, unimpressive, etc, need to read Chubears post. If you only played the beta for a couple of hours total you DIDN'T really play the game. It would be like playing halfway through another games tutorial and saying "meh. I've played that game it sucks".

This is the big problem Zipper has with this game. Getting people who are like "Kewl a N3wZ0rZ FPS!? I rock @ MW2, LETZ PLAAY!!?" to actually understand what the game is about. Because if you play it like MW2 it DOES suck. But if you play it like MAG (a tactical FPS/MMO) it PWNS.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3188d ago

Listen, I could tell within a 1/2 hour that MAG was nothing special.

Asking me to play it for hours on end until it "got good" would be like asking me to watch the grass in my front yard grow. lol

The game failed to bring the fun, simple as that.

MyBlasterRunsHot3187d ago

wtf why was this taken off front page so early

MmaFanQc3187d ago


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Shamuz3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I'm looking forward to MAG, day 1 buy.

40cal3188d ago

And I dont think that it will fail, I plan on picking it up at launch also, bring some hurt to Zippers servers.

I can see a few hundred thousand plus copies getting sold in the first few days.

OmarJA-N4G3188d ago

LMAO! at the disagrees fairy. :D

madjedi3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

@ The disagrees for 2, okay idiots he said day 1 buy for him, not him saying it's everyones, i guess 8 or 9 can't read correctly.

@1.1 Yes because everyone knows after 2 months video games magically stop selling, i swear it seems if a sony exclusive doesn't 1 or 2 million the first day or week it's a labeled failure.

I see the game doing 750k-1m in lifetime sales, the reason it is too specific from alot of generic run and gun fps's, as long as zipper makes enough to cover the development costs i don't care if the mainstream gamers/media considers consider it a failure.

This will be a fairly arrogant point of view, but if you dislike mag for the following reasons your opinion of mag is null and void to me and probably other mag players.

1. You can't run n gun and not get cut down in 10 secs.
2. You refuse to work with your squad, and believe the game should let you be an lonewolf/army of one.
3. You don't get any special perks/treatment because you get multiple kills in a row or have the highest k/d ratio in the squad.
4. If you've never played a domination match, you haven't really seen what mag is about(at least this is a reasonable reason).
And #5 If you dislike mag because the graphics are nowhere near uncharted 2 or k2, ie as some haters complain ps2 graphics.

Answer this in competitive games where 2 or 3 seconds will usually decide if you live or die, how often are you actually staring at the scenery or the buildings textures instead of scanning for the enemy?

Btw if people start clans in mag, please don't be the types of assholes, that will abuse the kick a player from the squad option, just to make room for a buddy/clan member.

Beyond that everyone else is entitled to their opinion about mag, damn long ass post.

unrealgamer583188d ago

mag will sell like warhawk in my opinion. With a nice chunk of players with a good community

DirtyLary3188d ago

Yup, can't wait to play it again.

FanboyAttack3188d ago

These types of games never pan out. After playing the beta I was left unimpressed. We'll see I am crossing my fingers that this game will make me put down COD but I am doubting it.

3188d ago
LordMarius3188d ago

That commercial they made hasn't really been pushed, I have only seen it online