MAG Eurogamer hands on

It's a MAG press event just off Baker Street. PS3s and huge HD screens are lined up in a subterranean hall, waitresses move through the crowds with bullet-studded belts, nobody during a presentation ever misses an opportunity to refer to the assembled gaming press as 'operatives' or exclaim 'Let's DO IT!' and a nice Sony PR lady has just taken to the stage to set things rolling.

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Xwow20084696d ago

quote(and then they make their way over to the demo pods. It's astonishing that we ever got to the moon, really.)
i lold when i read that :)

pansenbaer4695d ago

Mostly positive from Eurogamer gives me high hopes for this game. Can't decide if I will pick it up on launch or wait for any bugs to be ironed out. After Slant Six's SOCOM fiasco, I can imagine there will be some issues.

ARMY_HAWK4695d ago

Slant Six did not make this game, Zipper Interactive did