Aliens Vs Predator: Hands-On Preview – So… An Alien, A Marine And A Predator Walk Into A Bar…

Nick from Lazygamer has been having some hands on time with the upcoming Aliens vs Predator and has posted his thoughts on the three single player campaigns and the game in general.

Nick - "As with all of the Aliens vs Predator games, the game is split into three separate campaigns: Marine, Alien and Predator.

Fans of the franchise will already know how this works and everything will feel instantly familiar. Each different campaign is vastly different from the other, with the Marine playing like a first person survival horror/shooter, the Alien as a melee/stealth game and the Predator as a high-tech mix between the two."

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The Meerkat3217d ago

Less than a month to go.

Please be good, please be good, please be good.

monkpunk13217d ago

i'm hoping and praying this is good too, on paper it sounds awesome....Pulse rifle sounds and the motion sensor sounds are just legendary. i especially love the death sound of an alien, bit like an elephant lol.

Just 1 good review and it's day 1 for me!