Bioshock 2: System requirements released - Complex DRM?

The system requirements of Bioshock 2 have been published on Steam. Besides the minimal and recommended hardware specs you can also find information about the copy protection. It is for example required to be log in to a Games for Windows account to save the game, receive achievements and similar things.

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toaster3218d ago

I really don't like GFWL though.. ridiculous that you have to have an account just to save the game!!!!

JsonHenry3218d ago

I hate GFWL as well. However, did anyone look at the source screen shots? This game looks WAY better than the last one! (at least on the PC, consoles will probably be close to the same as before)

pangitkqb3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I have it on a couple of my games and it just runs in the background. It also lets me communicate with friends that happen to be on Xbox Live while i'm on my PC.

Regarding the game itself, Bioshock 2 is looking to be quite a good time.

Edit: I'm not some GFWL or Microsoft junkie - i'm much more of a Steam user - but I just haven't personally ran into any problems microsoft's platform. Fallout 3 has performed beautifully and with few glitches and so has Age of Conan.

tdrules3218d ago

Words cannot describe how much I hate GFWL

mrv3213218d ago

Don't you like the fact you must be connected to the internet to play singleplayer games.../sarcasm

I don't know if they've changed it since I heard that but still.

Letros3218d ago

Don't need to be connected anymore, it just wont save your games on the cloud, if that is even working.

mrv3213218d ago

Complex DRM? Because VAC and DRM and all the other copy protection clearly worked wonders... oh wait.

If I was a developer should I tell you what I'd do to stop piracy, make a game DRM FREE, Release a beta to ensure it's quality, release a demo, make the online good and use dedicated servers... OH AND NOT OVERHYPE THE GAME.

OpenGL3218d ago

VAC is the equivalent to Punkbuster and is not designed to stop piracy, but I get your point. Still, it would be better if they just used Steamworks.

SKUD3218d ago

GFWL.......Sad face.......

Charmers3218d ago

I was already to buy this on steam the other day until I saw GFWL and then Securom. I can just about "ignore" securom, I don't like it but it has never personally caused me problems.

However GFWL is a massive NO NO to me, I don't care what game they release if it has GFWL they will not see any money from me. The GFWL needs to die and I refuse to give my money to companies that support that crappy online service.

So no Bioshock 2 for me, I just thank god Mass Effect 2 isn't GFWL or I would be passing on that as well.

iamgoatman3218d ago


You can normally tell by the box art, whether or not it has that ugly GFWL stip on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.