More God of War 3 screens

New God of war 3 screens. this one shows kratos attacking with a giant hammer and fighting a couple of armored cyclops

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Karooo5265d ago

this game will be a phenomenal people.

Bungie5265d ago


weapon snatching looks EPIC

Darkeyes5265d ago

Weapon Snatching looks awesome and boy those armored Cyclopes look menacing...

Can't wait.. Man the hype train is on a roll.

execution175265d ago

this site has gone GoW3 crazy, i remember not to long ago when we were lucky enough to get any kind of GoW pics, gonna be a busy next few months for me GoW3, HR, and WKC, should keep me occupied until GT5

A Cupcake for Gabe5265d ago

The scale of this game is redonkulous. I think the bosses and environments in this game will be the bigger than any other game.

By the gods.....This is going to be so friggin' EPIC!

sikbeta5265d ago

GOW3: the Biggest and Epic Game of 2010

fedex6825265d ago

I am new to the whole GOW experience and I was blown away by the GOW collection. It is probably the best experience I have ever had in gaming. I am so glad I got a PS3 when the slim came out! Its been good times :)

Obama5265d ago

Reminds me of how Kratos snatched the hammer from babarian king and hammered him 3 times in the head. Brutal. I am loving it.

reaferfore205265d ago

Is it just me or do all these new pics showing the almost completed engine look like a painting/concept art? I can't wait to see this game in action!!

FamilyGuy5265d ago

Each picture is desktop or PS3 background worthy, It's hard to imagine this is a real, controllable game and it'll be out pretty soon.

RealityCheck5264d ago (Edited 5264d ago )

While I agree it will be a great epic game and probably one of the best game of the year for many gamers, I doubt it will get any GOTY 2010 awards from the media. It will follow the same fate as Killzone 2, being released in the first 3 months of the year means that by the end of the year most of media focus will be on recent fall games and many while having fond memories of GOW3 will think it was a previous year game.

If you don't believe me, look at the past GOTY, almost always fall games.

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OmarJA-N4G5265d ago

I wish my 360 can achieve these awesome graphics. :(

Dutch Boogie5265d ago (Edited 5265d ago )

Game looks absolutely incredible. The epic scale of GOW series lives on through part 3. If this game doesn't get GOTY2010 then The Last Guardian or GT5 will. Ps3 exclusives raping the competition as usual. Lol, you gotta love the ownage.

DigitalHorror815265d ago

It will truly be a sight to behold. The zipper technology to empty out the guts is just one of many features implemented. Can't wait, already pre-ordered.

Troll_Police5265d ago

PS3 exclusives just keep raising the bar far beyond anything on other consoles.


game looks like crap, look at all the jaggies and bad textures.

WOW Sooooo next-gen lol

Karooo5265d ago

thats amazing you found out all the bad textures looking at those pics, while we played the demo and were impressed.

you must be lemme guess xbot?

lociefer5265d ago

please dont feed the bots thank you