Beautiful Katamari Hands-On

The big, huge Katamari ball of junk just keeps on rolling, this time with a new installment called Beautiful Katamari slated to hit Xbox Live Arcade in October. Gamespot got to try out the latest build of the game and found that the game will offer a host of improvements--such as achievements and 720p resolution--that you'd expect out of an Xbox 360 game, while remaining strictly faithful to the surreal, entertaining gameplay that's defined this series since its humble inception a few years ago.

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Diselage4734d ago

If it's the 800 i won't consider this, but if they would start releasing a few more back at the 400 point level i may consider buying this and other XBLA.

MrBIGGLES4734d ago

right on, this game will do fantasic over XBLA. 10-20 bucks for a full fledged Katamari game sounds more than fair. Can't wait to DL this. I'm glad it won't be 60 bucks at retail.

Rhezin4734d ago

FANTASTIC?! this is a 5 yr old's game, jeezus