Top 5 Xbox 360 Games that Should Stay Xbox 360 Games

Backwards compatibility has brought Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. Fans have raved about the compatibility options and new games are added to the availability list often. Now a lot of Xbox 360 games can be enjoyed on Xbox One. While this is defiantly a nice addition to Microsoft next gen gaming console there are some titled that are better left in the past.

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DirtyPete1524d ago

I'm all for adding new backwards compatible games. I think all games should be but I personally I never need to play Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts again x) Great soundtrack not the best banjo Kazooie game in the world...

Jmanzare1523d ago

Well it's on rare replay soo....
Also kinect sports is on the list and kinect sports rivals exists on xb1

DarkOcelet1524d ago

"It is more than likely that Halo 4 will end up on the backwards compatible list. "

Isn't Halo 4 already available in the Master Chief Collection?

It doesn't need to be in the BC when an already improved version is out there.

esmittystud1011523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I fully agree. I think if there is already a remastered version on X1 or PS4 they shouldn't bother with BC for X1 or the whole "PS2 on PS4" or PS3 games on the PS Now service. I have to laugh every time I see PS3: Uncharted 3 on PS4 on there PS Now service when Uncharted: TNDC is sitting on my stand.

They could totally get rid of the PS Now service and it woulnd't bother me any. I do like there "PS2 on PS4" service which is only a one time fee and its yours, not a streaming deal either. They just need more games on it thats all. Same with BC on X1 though. The lists need to be deep. If you wasn't gonna go deep then why even have the services all together. I know BC on X1 is only two months old but they should have had more games on it to begin with. Especailly popular series that everyone wanted - Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock series, Treyarch Cod series: WAW, BO1, BO2.

Honost though, I want the Treyarch Cod games, but no online support, would turn boring pretty quick. Plus its hard to play a CoD on X1 with no online support when you can be playing the same game on Xbox 360 with online support. Mainly wanting Cod's for zombies though.

Vhampir1523d ago

All BC games work online, and you play with 360 players. Where are you pulling your information?

esmittystud1011523d ago

@ Vhampir, Thanks for the info. I didn't know that Xbox 360 players could play with X1 players on BC games. Nice. I think I asked someone on here once about it and they told me it was a no go. I guess I should research more sometimes.

If thats the case then I'm all about getting Cod WAW, BO1, BO2 on BC. I even like Bioshock 2 MP that everyone hated. LOL. Looking forward to them.

1523d ago
esmittystud1011523d ago

@ Cobra951: I guess I never had the chance to see how one works. Nice feedback by the way. I actually didn't know it was a full emulation on X1. Will be nice to see what future titles they come out with. I just hope mine will be on there and I think they will be for the most part.

Jmanzare1523d ago

Can you play the ps3 version of uncharted 3's multiplayer on ps4? If so that would be a good reason to pick it up

esmittystud1011522d ago

@ Jmanzare: I researched if you can play PS Now games online on PS4 and every site/forum that I looked on said as long as that game still has servers running for it then yes we can play multiplayer on those games.

Its funny though that Uncharted: TNDC has no multiplayer even if the servers are still up and running, which I'm fine with. Uncharted 4 is a different story though. I'm looking forward to the 60 fps in online play. The gameplay videos your character looks so free in movement. Looks great.

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Adexus1523d ago

I just want Red Dead and Skate 3!

Gears Judgement is the only Gears game I didn't finish so I was looking forward to playing it through but it really doesn't perform well at all apparently so just waiting for a performance patch for it.

Youngindy211523d ago

Yeah Gears Judgment definitely has some frame rate issues on Xbox One, esp. when you fight waves of enemies in campaign mode, the amount of enemies on the screen can cause the frame rate to be all over the place. I was still able to play through it though, you just have to ignore the occasional hiccups.

Adexus1523d ago

Yeeeeah I'll wait until it's all spruced up, I'm in no rush to play it!

Jmanzare1523d ago

I read somewhere it was because of the added vsync, it takes away from screen tearing but as a result the frames drop from time to time

OldGuyStillGaming1523d ago

I never had a 360 so I would actually like to see every exclusive 360 game on X1 b/c

I'm currently playing through the Gears trilogy on X1 and its pretty awesome

I would love to have this feature on my Ps4 but I know it won't happen