Freaky Fashion: Black/Blue or White/Gold Dress of Gaming

The internet has gone wild over a freaky dress that no one can agree on. Come check out some of the freaky fashion seen in the gaming world.

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tigertron2891d ago

I'm amazed people see that dress as gold and white. 0.o

mixelon2891d ago

I was amazed people saw it black and blue at first.

Pretty weird.

WeirdShroom2891d ago

I did at first, then my eyes color corrected it while I was looking. It's the proper blue and black now. The science behind it is neat. Expecially the psychology behind people forming groups and arguing over something. This site is a good one for that too, so much sony bias it's insane. Bunch of white and gold rubes.

Captain_Wormy2891d ago

This shit is getting out of hand. 😯

Double_O_Revan2891d ago

I still dont even know what the hell this thing is.

Immorals2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

And what exactly does this have to do with games news?

If I wanted fashion I'd have gone to.. Idk, a website dedicated to that?

Redinfamy2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

It was not classified as news, it is an off beat culture piece that related this topic to gaming. Please tell me where you see news attached to this post ? Which means you just seen the title and the picture and did not click.

Immorals2891d ago

If I wanted offbeat culture, I'd have gone to kotaku or something like that. As far as I know, n4g stands for 'news 4 gamers', despite all the crap duplicate articles that get posted.

Redinfamy2889d ago

Then you have that option, like I said it is not news. N4G is not just about news there are several different categories for gaming. But you choose to look and comment on this post.