Crave: Hands on with Sony's MAG

Crave writes: "The one problem with this, is that being in an actual war most likely isn't half as fun as the stylized gameplay of Modern Warfare 2 and Killzone 2 would lead you to believe.

Obviously the big selling point for MAG is it's 256 player games. I can't really comment on how the servers will keep up or how difficult it will be to populate matches, but in my limited experience everything ran smoothly enough. There was one point in which I got stuck in the lobby fiddling around with my loadouts for a couple of minutes, but the matches themselves are pretty long so it's not too big of a hindrance."

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OGharryjoysticks3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

This article summed up all the negative MAG articles into one.

In the end it came down to the reviewer, like all the others (even though they weren't as outright) being a 360 fanboy.

Oh well, that's the media for ya.

The media is a powerful TOOL...but they worked for Obama =)

johnmark19823296d ago

i guess this reviewer just didnt realize the game is meant to mimick real life.

you stop running because your character is tired lol so you must take a breather while u walk then sprint again. of course there is no lock on because there is no lock on in real life. you can change the buttons but this reviewer clearly doesn't check menu's. the team work mechanic is an amazing thing zipper has stuck into this game.

this game is more about skill and learning to play the game more than just jump in and shoot people, it has a steep learning curve but if you stick it out the game becomes very addictive

so again another reviewer that clearly only played it for a few hours and had no one help them along or failed to use a mic and ask some well placed questions about wtf is going on

3296d ago