Massively: MAG First Impressions

It's a technical marvel, really, to be able to shoot at 256 people at once. Very few games have been able to get this many players into one enclosed space, and even fewer have been able to do it without having everything lock down in lag. But Zipper Interactive's MAG is taking the bull by the horns and is following in the footsteps of games like PlanetSide to deliver a true "war" experience to the PS3.

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3596d ago
solidworm3596d ago

I THINK YOU,L FIND THERE ARE 12,......reviewers,....awful.

madmonkey03596d ago

he says each game type has 3 maps, he should of been a bit clearer. with that.

im sure there are probably more than that anyway. were there 12 in the beta? i only played on 5 i think but it looked like there were more.

IF there is 12 in the full game that mean the open beta was the full game.