No plans for seperate GoW III/GoW Collection bundle, confirms SCEE

VG247: SCEE has just told VG247 that there are currently no plans to release a separate bundle of both God of War III and the God of War Collection outside of the Ultimate Trilogy Edition.

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snaz273593d ago

they want how much for the ultimate edition? £110!!!! so £55 per game? (taking the collection edition as 1 game), sorry but ill pass on that thanks unless i see it ALOT cheaper! gow3 will no doubt be awesome, as will 1 and 2 remastered.... but the day i pay £110 on a game disc is the day i win the lottery! i mean for a start how old are gow 1 and 2? ok yes they are remastered but how much time and effort would that really take? they wacked on some AA and up the resolution to 720p and now they want £55 quid for it? pfft jog on! bet they ran it through a computer programme that did all the work for em lol... its unusual for a ps3 exclusive to be more exspensive than a multiplat... id probably wanna pay £55 for the lot maximum! lol

snaz273593d ago

i wonder if someone could compare a big blockbuster movie, with a big blockbuster game... id like to know the cost to make each, then the income from both in say the first year or 6 months.... im betting that movies cost lots more than a game to make! K2 cost 50 million i believe, and im sure ive heard of movies costing well over 100 million, yet a dvd is normally priced at around £15 quid (even blu-ray) yet games are priced around £50 quid... this is all guess work btw lol, id love someone to do the sums... ok yes you can argue that a game gets you more enjoyment (in hours) than a dvd but i just wanna know about cost vs profit, just as an idea as to why games are so expensive... it makes me laugh when i hear devs moaning about the money they make! if it was that bad wouldnt they seek other employment? lmao. they talk so much crap to try and justify raising prices!

snaz273593d ago

thats the reason i buy most games late and preowned, only ones ive bought full wack are UC2 and K2, I say full price but neither was over £40...

vhero3593d ago

They are not gonna re-release 2 games in Europe that didn't sell very well the first time round. I stated this several times on here GOW is huge in US but in Europe its just another game. Like with Suikoden Sony cannot afford to release it over here as it just won't sell enough to cover the costs obviously. There are just not enough Europe fans of the game however GOW3 will be like a rebirth for the game over here and will probably sell like hotcakes as they will advertise it like crazy so there still could be hope in the far future. Just import it people if you really liked it you would have imported it by now anyways rather than waiting as the PS3 is region free. £110 is ridiculous and I cannot believe they are pulling that one but beggers can't be choosers and all that crap. When you only expect a few copies to sell you gotta price accordingly.

Aquarius3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"a separate bundle of BOTH God of War III and the God of War Collection"

but doesn't God of War III + God of War Collection = the Ultimate Trilogy Edition???

thank god I imported GOW:C because the UTE is a limited edition which I wouldn't have paid for anyway!
its a rip-off.

guys use
its the cheapest I've seen so far plus they have TLG at £32

snaz273593d ago

my problem is the price! ofcourse it wont sell well if you put that price tag on it! lol... ill just wait a few months and get it pre owned, how m uch did sony make then? lol if it was a decent price ie £40 id snap it up day one!

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belal3593d ago

i don't know if i am going to buy the bundle or just gow 3.

TOO PAWNED3593d ago

Believe it or not but God of war isn't as big over here in EU, same goes with Gears. Dunno why, i know i love God of War, best ACTION adventure francise ever