How The GunCon 3 Will Work: It's a Wiimote

Of course, we haven't seen many light gun controllers in the last few years since high-definition televisions became all the rage -- the standard gun design only works with tube televisions.

But the GunCon3 apparently works... just like the Wiimote, actually.

"For the GunCon 3, you place two markers on the left and right sides of your TV screen. A camera inside the muzzle of the gun detects the position of the markers, and thus you can use it regardless of your monitor [type]. There are six buttons on the device and two analog sticks. One of them is placed on a "sub-grip" that you hold with your left hand, and another is on the barrel of the gun."

Interestingly enough, Game Watch notes that while the US and Europe will get the gun in the orange color shown, Japan will get a black gun. Well, la ti da, Japan. At least we get the real thing.

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SmokeyMcBear5767d ago

ps3 has no region coding huh, well guess ill be getting that gun on ebay then, original grey NES Lightgun FTW.

sadiq5767d ago

dont lightguns only work on 2b tvs?

Kleptic5767d ago

the gun uses markers that you place on the side of the tv, similar to the sensor bar for the wiimote I it isn't the same as traditional light guns apperantly...

sadiq5767d ago

im just hoping they will sell the guncon 3 seperately bcuz i dont want some 3rd party junk for player 2

MannyHarlem1415767d ago

Thats unfotunate... i wanted to stick up the local convinience store with my guncon, that orange gun is ugly, can't they make it white

Kleptic5767d ago

until they release a guncon with the arcade version's won't be the same...did they ever have one for the ps2?...I bought time crisis for the ps1 a long time ago...and it kind of sucked...the arcades where always fun...but the console version was extremely cheesy...

ITR5767d ago

Time Crisis 2 had it.

But it died about every 2 weeks. It never was reliable. (consumer ver.)

At least I beat the game before I took it back to EB.

surferace225767d ago (Edited 5767d ago )

the guncon should be wireless. I mean why not it's only right every other controller is , so heres to hoping it is(chuging beer).